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15 Dec 2014

Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season with Southern Motion Recliners


The holidays are coming up and you are going to be spending some time at home. Therefore, you have to make the necessary arrangements needed to have a relaxing time, while the festivities are in full-swing. A recliner is a classic piece of furniture and its mere presence could make a room look cozier and warmer. There is a whole new range of recliner that have been released, which replace the earlier

recliners that were bulky and wide. These new recliners are sleek and slim, they occupy minimal space while giving the same, and sometimes more comfort to whoever is using it. This holiday season, you can choose from some of the most elegantly designed and carefully crafted recliners to make your room look bright, and also to help you unwind after a long day of festivities.

Types Of Recliners

When you are buying a recliner there are several types that you can choose from. They are segregated according to size and the features that they pack in. The first is the traditional recliner which uses basic reclining mechanisms. With the pull of a lever, or the push of a button, the back goes down and the foot rest moves up, allowing the person seated to rest in a semi-reclined position. The second kind is the power recliner which allows the person seated to recline the chair at any angle that they feel comfortable in, with the use of an electric button.
A push back recliner requires the person to physically exert pressure on the back rest for it to recline at any desired angle. There are no buttons, switches or levers, so it can function as a regular armchair, along with the benefits of a recliner. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you can also try out our range of rocker recliners, which rock back and forth at a gentle pace when you push them backwards. Recliners for the elderly are also very popular because they are comfortable and convenient. A lift recliner has a seat that pushes back and upward, helping the person who is seated to stand upright. Also, if you are decorating a small room, or you have limited amount of space, you can opt for a wall hugger recliner that ensures that can be set up right against the wall, and occupy minimal space in the room, while giving optimal comfort.

Reap Several Benefits with Our Recliners Collection

A recliner is not only a great way to relax and unwind, but it can also be instrumental for curing and giving relief to a number of chronic back problems. They are also designed in a manner to help those old people get up from the chair, who have difficulty rising from deep armchairs. In fact, several doctors recommend certain types of recliners as part of the treatment for such people. Some of the recliners even come with massaging technology which makes use of air pressure pockets and vibrations to massage sore muscles, and improve circulation in the body. Stiffness, knee pain, back pains and aches, can all be reduced. State-of-art technology and carefully crafted designs are used for recliners to give the person using it maximum comfort when they are resting. Along with the several medical and health benefits that come along with a recliner you also have the option of choosing from several color options, so that your recliner looks great in your home in any room. With the different types of recliners available for sale this holiday season, we ensure that you experience an improvement in the quality of life, and recline in style.

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