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14 Jan 2015

Affordable Ways to Give a Facelift to Your Living Room


A tight budget for home decoration doesn't mean you have to compromise your style. If you are in search of some fast, easy and cost effective ways to spice up your living room, try out some of these tips.

  • You can hang big size canvases on the walls of the living room. It is better if the canvases are painted with interior-latex paint to make the blank walls look brighter. Place a glass topped small table at the corner of the living room. On the table top, put an inexpensive flower vase with a bunch of deep red colored flowers in it.
  • Load up cheap modular storage units to frame a stepped side counter with cubicles for lighting and decor. Decorate the cubes with tiny showpieces, or stack books that you are your favorite or you plan on reading someday.
  • Use mirrors to create illusionary effects. Mirrors can do magic to your boring living area. They can renovate it into a much bigger, brighter and open space. Hang decorative and large sized mirrors on the opposite sides to reflect more light. It is also a smart idea to place the mirrors behind attractive decors such as decorative candles or flowers to amplify the effect.
  • How about wall decals? This is the best way to get themed living rooms. They are reasonable and can be removed from the walls easily. So, you can decorate the walls as per your mood or specific themes whenever you wish. For example - you can stick New Year themed wall decals on the walls and according to the color combinations; you can bring slight changes in the furnishings by replacing the covers, curtains, flowers etc. It's that simple!
  • Hide worn carpets with new rugs. Any scratches or patches in the flooring can be well taken care of by vibrant rugs. Rugs are available in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. So, you can pick up the one you need and hide the old flooring.
  • Choose lights wisely. Often lighting fails to brighten up the interior because you have not selected it carefully. Don't forget about table or floor standing lamps. The look elegant and infuse character to your room. You can also modify old lamp shades with different color bulbs. Try to pick up white ceiling lights to create the soothing effect. Cover up with low-priced paper lantern shades to add the exotic touch.
  • Hang plates on the wall. Pick up plates with uncommon colors and make an innovative wall arrangement. These plates can vary in textures, material and sizes as well. Place the most attractive plate at the center. If you do not have varied collection of plates, pick up plates of different sizes and paste photos on them to use as a shiny wall album.

Ideas that demand little creativity, little money can actually add instant style to any decor. So, toast to a great living room on budget.

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