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02 Jan 2015

Blend Modern And Traditional Concepts For Your Living Room


Your living room decor ideas are always changing and being updated as you flip through magazines and television channels. Some styles are popular one year, while other concepts are already on the rise for the coming year. It's not very feasible to redecorate your living room with the changing trends every year, so when you are decorating your living room focus on creating an atmosphere that is harmonious and timeless. Changing out throw pillows and blankets can give your home a fresh feel. Blend traditional and contemporary concepts to give your living room extra edge and that timeless elegance you are looking for.

Creating A Balance In Decor
Traditional décor concepts mainly include using different shades of a single color and a symmetrical placement of furniture and accessories. For example, identical pots would be placed on either side of the door, or on two opposite corners of the wall so give the room a balanced look. Extremely contemporary designs on the other hand, use asymmetrical designs, and abstract placement of objects to make the room come alive, and allow individual elements their share of attention. The important thing is to create a unique look in the room, by intelligent placement of furniture and accessories. For example, in case of a corner living room, the sofa set can be placed against the corner, and a table or a couple of armchairs, or a decorative element like a bookshelf can be placed strategically to offset and balance the sofa set.

Intelligent Use of Color and Material
The right use of color in your living room is crucial. Instead of painting all your walls one uniform shade, use contrasting colors. Painting one wall, against which your sofa or television sits, will make that the focal point of the room. Adding some matching, bold patterns to the other side of the room will balance it out. The dominant material used will also contribute to that perfect blend. Metal is a very modern material, drawing the eyes attention to that accessory. If you are looking for more antique elements, try using stained wood. Strategic placement is important for optimal results. Carpet gives more of a traditional feel, but when a metal table is placed in the centre of the room you get a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary.

Traditional Elements In A Contemporary Setting
When you have a traditional style living room it can be hard to incorporate contemporary elements into your space. It can be easier to create a harmonious balance when you place a few traditional pieces in a modern setting, rather than vice versa. Traditional elements can include wooden slats or bars on the ceiling, an antique painting or centrepiece, a fireplace, rugs or even chandeliers. The pattern used on your sofa or pillows is also a great way to add traditional flare to a contemporary space. No matter what style you use, the key is to express your personal taste with flair, while trying to create a comfortable and balanced living room to relax in.

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