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26 Jan 2015

Modern vs Traditional Living Room Furniture


You love antiques, but your partner is more into contemporary style, what do you do? We will show you how to innovatively blend modern and traditional style into your living room. Traditional and modern are surely separate categories when it comes to interior design. Both express elegance and functionality while one is simple and the other is more ornate. Undoubtedly, both styles bring your room to life if done appropriately.

Aspects of Traditional Style:

  • time- tested classic designs that will never go out of style
  • country home theme
  • black and red wood furniture with heavy designs
  • Victorian era styles
  • rusting or rubbed colors

Aspects of Modern Style:

  • subtle and aesthetically pleasing
  • clean lines, sharp edges, simple designs
  • art deco and eco furniture
  • city sophistication

As you achieve design harmony, you overcome major obstacles in sharing personal space. The living room is the center of attention for every home. As you invite people to visit your home, you welcome them with somewhere to sit and socialize. When your style is perfectly blended you can leave a marvelous lasting impression.

Traditional Furnishing Ideas That Can Be a Hit in Your Home

  • Make your room feel larger by placing a round rug in the center. You can place an ottoman on the edge to add visual effects. A rustic mirror will also add depth to your space, as well as dark wood.
  • Windows and furniture with rounded edges will enhance a traditional style. Sofas and chairs with rolled arms and curvy backs will soften the look. Adorn your windows with curved shades and underlying panels, this too will soften your space.
  • If your living room features a fireplace, then a traditional style will be easy. Fix an ornate mirror about the mantle to give it that grandfathered classic style. If your family spends a lot of time watching television, you could replace the mirror with a T.V.

Contemporary Interior Design That Will Rock Your Living Room

  • Color combinations are crucial to contemporary style. Matching a bright color with a white or black will make your accessories pop.
  • If your living room is large, you might be able to accompany a dining set. Keeping your space open and movable is crucial, though. Large windows and mirrors will keep your space lit and bright.

Now a days, rooms look more stylish and charming when you incorporate mixed designs and ideas. So be open to experiments and mix and match ideas to achieve the electric look you are looking for.

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