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05 Jan 2015

New Living Room Concepts for 2015


Your living room is the most important space in your home. It is where your family relaxes together and where you entertain your guests. It can almost be said that the living room represents the rest of your home. Therefore, when decorating your living room you need to have a lot of care. Interior decor ideas and concepts evolve every year, as more and more contemporary decorations and arrangements emerge. Find out the latest trends and review our tips for your living room decor in 2015.

Space Management and Colors In Your Living Room
When you are redecorating your living room, you have to make sure that you utilize the space that is available to you. If you have a small living room, you have to find out ways to make it appear larger, while at the same time, not reduce its functionality. Similarly, corner living rooms should be decorated intelligently, so that the accessories and furniture don't look out of place. Space management also depends on personal style. A contemporary, unique and aesthetically pleasing concept that is bound to give your living room an extra edge. By using only shades of black and white and silver, you can give your living room a wonderful sense of uniformity and style. However, if you have a more colorful, abstract mind, that too can be reflected on your walls and furniture and decorative pieces. Green, wooden and oceanic shades are the chosen color palettes for 2015, you can make your living room come alive with different color combinations.

Accessorizing Your Living Rooms
Paintings, flower plants, vases, tables, and sofas have always been crucial characteristics of a finished living room. However, more contemporary accessorizing ideas make use of the same elements, but a little differently. When you want to adorn your walls with paintings, you can slightly modify them, so that they become the focal point of your living room. Instead of putting up a framed painting, you can paint on your wall itself. If you have a creative side to you, then you can do so yourself. Everything from faces, to cherry blossoms, to writing can be put up on your wall, depending on the kind of atmosphere you are trying to create and the color scheme in your living room. Living rooms usually contain bookshelves, which can be turned into interesting accessories. You can get creative with your bookshelves. For example, using plastic surfaces that have been drilled to the walls strategically can give the illusion that your books are levitating, etc.

Creating A Focal Point In Your Living Room
When you are redesigning your living area to suit the New Year, you have to make use of certain contemporary concepts. A focal point in your living room can draw the attention of those in the room, while at the same time, can balance out the rest of the elements in the room. You can use brightly colored sofas for that, a centrepiece on a table, a large, ornately designed mirror above the fireplace. If you have one, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, a wall full of abstractly placed pictures etc. are some examples, to make your living room look modern, and ready for the New Year.


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