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16 Jan 2015

Seven Ways to Recycle Your Old Sofa


So, it's time for a furniture face-lift. Your sofa has grown old and is unable to match up with the style and function of a new sofa. But are you not hurrying to take the decision? Have you give a careful consideration to what is going to happen with your old sofa? If you are planning to throw it in the dump or landfills, then please don't do it. This behavior can tag you as an irresponsible citizen on earth as you are missing out the options to recycle it.

From economic and environmental perspective, these 7 ways have been found out to recycle an unwanted sofa before you dump it.

  1. Carefully think whether you really need a new sofa or not. If you are rejecting it simply because you do not like the look, you may try changing the covers and cushions. This is a cost effective option as compared to buy a new one.
  2. Ask family, friends and relatives to see if they know anyone who needs a second hand sofa. Families who are moving into unfurnished apartments many need quick fixes within a limited budget. So, your sofa can be the right item for them.

  3. If your sofa is in good condition, you can resell it. There are various online sites where you can sell aftermarket furniture. 

  4. There are many charitable organizations which accept old furniture items as donation. They need parts of some furniture to make new furniture and then redistribute to the needy. Or, they will directly give it to someone who really needs it. So, either way you are doing a noble work.

  5. Find out a recycling centre that uses large furniture items to make useful and innovative furniture. Earth911 Recycling centre is one such example.

  6.  If you have a spring sofa and you find the springs are broken, instead of throwing it out you can try to fix it. They can be fixed at home easily. If you cannot fix it, then an innovative idea would be to give it additional support. Fix the sofa with wooden patio-shaped frame. This way your sofa becomes robust and also you get the comfort of a soft couch.

  7.  Dismantle the sofa. The soft scraps like covers, rexine and cotton stuffing can be used to make cushions or soft toys. Use them yourself you sell it to local craft organizations. The rest of the parts are either wood or metal. So, you can sell these stuffs to scrap metal trader.

These are the fresh recycling ideas by which your old sofa could be of great use to someone or some way. If you come up with new ideas, please do not forget to share.

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