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28 Jan 2015

Sofa or Sofa Bed: Which to Choose?


Interior design and technology have shown massive advancements over the years. Not only has furniture style changed but it has become more functional. If you are struggling over the decision of a sofa versus a sofa bed then we can help.

Benefits of Sofa Beds
Sofa Beds offer many benefits. Most sofa beds simply look like couches. It transforms when you remove the cushions and pull out the double or triple folding metal frame. The mattress can be folded when it's not in use. Sofa beds are very comfortable to sit and sleep on. When your house is filled with guests and they are staying overnight, a sofa bed is just right. The compact size saves loads of space in living areas. Sofa beds can be the ideal choice for small homes with large families.

Benefits of a Sofa
If you are considering just a sofa, you are losing the additional option to make a it to a bed if needed; although it does have its own benefits. If you have a decorating preference or a particular taste in styles, you get more options though sofas. L-shaped sofas, round sofas, Victorian and French styles, king's throne style and other vintage designs are readily available when you are opting to buy couch. The other benefit of a sofa is that it can be moved easily. You can rearrange your space and change your layout whenever you chose.

Disadvantages of Sofa Beds
Sofa beds can be expensive. You must shop the market, if not selected wisely your money could got waste. Another disadvantage to sofa beds is that you have few mattress options. The mattresses are not very thick, especially one side. As they remain in the folded positive, you cannot expect them to be very durable.

Disadvantages of Sofas
Unlike a sofa bed, a sofa cannon accommodate as many people overnight. If you calculate the cost of making additional beds for your guests, it may outweigh the cost of a sofa bed. As the world embraces compactness and innovation, a regular sofa cannot compete with a sofa bed. A sofa cannot instantly transform your living room into a bedroom, while a sofa bed can.

Now that the advantages and disadvantages are in front of you, you can decide whether you need a sofa or a sofa bed. A sofa bed is a flexible choice, but if a regular sofa offers solid seating.

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