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19 Jan 2015

What Would Suit Most Rug or Carpet?


Every home has rugs or carpets which beautify the overall look of the interior. You may find a home without garden area, but you will hardly find one without these decorative flooring items. Most of us fail to understand the difference between a rug and a carpet. After reading this blog, hope you will be able to distinguish a carpet and a rug with ease and pick up wisely for your home next time.

These are the lists of difference between a rug and a carpet.

  • Difference in size: Rugs are smaller than carpets. Rugs usually come in between 2 meter and not more than that whereas; carpets are larger than 2 meters.
  • Difference in transportation and fixing: Rugs are smaller in size so they can be easily transported from one environment to another. On the other side, carpets are not so handy and it is almost a fixed fitting which cannot be easily transferred to another environment.


  • Difference in placement: A rug can only be placed inside your home. But a carpet can be placed in the garden area and lawn. There are artificial grass carpets which can be placed in the lawns to present a fresh feel of greenery.


  • Difference in the area covered: A rug is generally used to highlight a particular spot on the floor. It leaves a lot of bare floor. On the contrary, a carpet covers the total dimension of the floor and hardly leaves any bare floor.


  • Difference in utility: Rugs are fancy. Innovative ideas and designs can give a refreshing look to your room. You can use them on table tops, sofa covers as well as wall decors. It is generally used for decorating purposes. A carpet, on the other hand, usually provides warmth and softness.


  • Difference in fabric: Rugs look more luxurious and hence, use material such as high quality wools and silk. The hand knitted rugs possess intricate Persian floral patterns as well as abstract contemporary designs. They have fine finishing. Carpets are also made of materials like wools but they are often mixed with polypropylene to make it durable and hardy.


Here are some decorating tips that you can apply to bring the best out of your home.

  • If your rooms are smaller, you should prefer using rugs. This acts as an illusion and make rooms look bigger. Place dark color foot rugs, a round rug at the center of the rooms. When you are placing a round rug at the center make it big enough so that it touches all the big furniture in the room.
  • Multi-color contemporary designs are hot favorite among home owners as far as carpets are concerned. Pick up a darker shade if your furniture and walls are of brighter colors, and select light color combo if the furniture and wall paint is of dark color. This way, you will be able to keep the aesthetic balance.
  • How about mixing the two? Choose a single color floor carpet which covers the entire floor. Then highlight specific areas by placing rugs of variant color, sizes and shapes. This will not only provide warmth and softness, but also make your interior aesthetically pleasing.

Now you have to decide how you want to decorate your interior and what will suit your home the most.

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