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27 Apr 2015

Get Posh in Your Solarium

Live a luxurious lifestyle at a fraction of the cost with the Southern Motion Posh Recliner.

Uniquely made with a fine wood finish, the espresso finish adds to the appeal of the gently curved arms.  The Southern Motion Posh Recliner is subtly designed with heavily bolstered seat backs that are made to cradle and comfort the most discerning specialists; the Posh recliner from Southern Motion is a landmark in the industry.

The footrest is a pad over chaise style where there are no gaps but only continuous leg support along your entire leg length. Notice the miter joint reinforced with a shapely block..... no expense spared here! The double pleated back and pad­ over­ chaise construction ensure comfort in Southern Motion's highest level.

The Southern Motion Posh can be ordered with two types of mechanisms. The rocker recliner mechanism is the first option and can be upgraded to a swivel base.

The wall hugger mechanism is the second option that includes a seat back that can be placed close to a wall and still recline fully. The wall hugger version has two upgrade opportunities - Power Recline and Power Plus.

Power recline is simply a power button that activates the reclining mechanism. Power Plus is a power recline that includes two USB ports inside the power button mechanism that can be used to charge household electronics.

The Southern Motion Posh Recliner can also bring the outdoors in with Solarium's bold prints and bright solids.

By partnering with Solarium's performance fabric, Southern Motion offers a fade, stain and weather resistant fabric that also carries a written warranty.

Allow the Southern Motion Posh Recliner to provide you the comfortable and luxurious lifestyle that you deserve. 

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