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12 Apr 2015

Power up with Southern Motion's PowerPlus Products

Just like in the dance, The Tango, a good partner is essential for success. Let the Southern Motion Tango Theater Seat become your partner in making your leisure time the best it can be.

Dual pillowed back cushioning, tailored padded armrest, dual cup holders, chaise ottoman and detail stitching accentuating the remarkable framing details of "Tango," make this Southern Motion entertainment article a perfect fit for home theater or reclined living applications.

Ergonomically designed for premium comfort, " Tango" features infinite reclining positions, a full lay-out position for sleeping, and a layer of memory foam in its seat cushioning construction bringing the benefits of memory foam technology captured in the bedding industry into reclining comfort.

The Southern Motion Tango Theater Seat offers stand-alone recliners that are placed together in your home theater seating room. Add in thin console wedges to create a true cinematic experience.

Just like the majority of Southern Motion products, the tango can be upholstered in leathers, fabrics and bonded leathers with hundreds of colors to choose from.

The Tango is extremely plush with thick padding all over, as well as a chaise style footrest that provided complete support from head to toe. It features a 41-inch tall back along with extra padding on the armrest.

Options include upgrading to motorized recline. With this upgrade you can start and stop the chair in an unlimited amount of positions all at the simple touch of a button. If you go with the power recline you can then upgrade to a dual USB port, which is situated in the middle of the power button. You can now charge and use your electronics all while sitting in your seat.

Southern Motion offers an incredible warranty that is second to none in the industry and ensures these seats will last for many years to come. 

Whether rallying for the game, enjoying a movie with the family, or taking an afternoon nap, choose Tango!

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