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20 Apr 2015

Watch the Game from the Dugout

Enjoy the live action of a baseball game from your home with the Southern Motion "Dugout" recliner.

There is no recliner in the market today that offers the unique and attractive styling of the Southern Motion "Dugout" Recliner. The 'Dugout" offers premium reclining comfort with side profile decorative stitching crowned with a padded arm making it a definite game day favorite!

The side profile of this recliner chair could make it a work of art. Coupled with the comfort factor, it becomes a functional work of art that can be enjoyable to look at and used every day to relax!

Padded wing and plush stitched back with full pad over chaise make even the most disagreeable umpire calls a fabulous reclining experience. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, the "Dugout" features a full layout position for sleeping and a layer of memory foam in its cushioning construction that brings the benefits of memory foam technology captured in the bedding industry into reclining comfort.

Imagine the comfort of the bustle style back cradling your body while your feet rest comfortably on the chaise style footrest.

The Dugout recliner is available in a number of different options like the rocker recliner, wallhugger, layflat and layflat rocker recliner. Wallhugger means the seat will recline within inches of the wall due to the inclusion of a special mechanism in the chair that achieves this type of recline by moving the seat cushion forward during the recline process.

The layflat and wallhugger versions of this recliner include a power option upgrade where the seat will recline from a power button placed in the armrest. The power option can be further upgraded by going to the Power Plus where the button includes two USB charging ports so that tablets or cellular phones can be charged whilst relaxing.

The Dugout recliner collection is a bold mix of style and substance and is available in a wide selection of covers and colors that include leather, fabric and microfiber. Show off your true colors while expressing your individuality.

Don't just sit on the bench as comfort and style pass you by, get out there and hit a "homerun" with the Southern Motion "Dugout."

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