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01 May 2015

Let Comfort Rule Your Living Space with the Southern Motion “Maverick”

Designed with you in mind, the Southern Motion Maverick Collection provides maximum comfort for lounging, reclining and sleeping. Available as a sofa, sectional and recliner, it can be ordered as a set or individual pieces. The Maverick gives you a variety of options for comfort.

When both sides of the sofa are fully engaged, a sleeping surface the size of a queen bed is available. The Southern Motion Maverick utilizes a layer of memory foam in its cushioning construction bringing the benefits of memory foam technology captured in the bedding industry to reclining comfort. It's also flexible in allowing you to have an infinite layout position on one side or a full recline with both sides extended.

The recliner itself is very large and is actually a seat and a half where the interior seat width is an impressive 45 inches wide. This is huge when one considers that the average coach class airline seat is 17 inches.

The Maverick recliner is a comfort king and is sure to quickly become the best seat in the house.

Southern Motion makes rugged handsome with the Maverick. The ergonomic design on this seat is very unique to this model with a curved armrest and a thickly padded seat back. The seat back is split into two horizontal panels that provide excellent back and head support.

The footrest on this frame is a chaise style footrest where there are no gaps. This offers better leg support during hours of relaxation and is our preferred type footrest. Very tasteful use of detailed stitching further enhances the magnetic appeal of this group.

It's available in many different colors and covers, which include leather and fabric.

Don't miss out on this unique product. Let Comfort be King with the Southern Motion Maverick Collection.

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