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18 Jul 2016

Bring the outdoors in with Southern Motion’s Solarium Fabric

As temperatures rise and the sweltering heat draws you to the closest air conditioner, you don't have to completely leave the outdoors outside. Instead, you can bring the outdoors IN with the Southern Motion Solarium Line. 

People are living in their sunrooms and kitchen/ den combinations and they are tired of bland colors, like brown, brown and more brown. By partnering with Solarium fabrics, Southern Motion offers 35 exciting colors that are durable, waterproof and sun proof.

Waterproof means you can spill something on your furniture upholstered in Solarium fabric and it will wipe right off. Sun proof allows your fabric to stay in great shape without any fading from the sun.

The collaboration of Southern Motion's stability and Solarium's bold and beautiful colors brings you a collection of uniquely durable furniture.

The collection includes 9 Southern Motion chairs, the Krypto, the Fandango, the Posh, the Kranston, the Breckenridge, the Providence, the Bella, the Sofie, the Soho and the Savannah.

It also includes 4 motion collections, the Wonder, the Savannah, the Odyssey, and the Fandango.

Virtually worry free and totally unique to retail, these performance fabrics allow you to enjoy life without the worry of life's little mistakes. Mix and match colors. Combine bold prints with bright solids. It's a versatile line that offers you many options.

Bright solids such as Rave Lemon, Montage Teal, and Rave Surf can stand alone or be combined with a bold print such as the eye catching Casa Cabana or the Sorista Indigo.

If you are going for a beachy-feel you can opt for the Sealife Driftwood or Beach Huts Vintage fabric.

For a fresh and funky look you could pair the vivid Rave Cherry fabric with the abstract look of the Rozelle Garden.

The combination of Solarium's fabric design and Southern Motion's creative styling work together to transform your indoor living space into a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle.


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