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04 Jul 2016

Southern Motion: American Made furniture, made by Americans

Have you ever stopped to think about the choices you make every day? What those choices say about you as a person, a store or a company? 

So many choices you make impact more than just you or your family, but your community and even your country. Do you buy the toothbrush made in China or the one made in the United States? Does it really matter?

Yes. It does matter.

As the American economy crashed, people began questioning why it took so long to recover. Questions such as "Where are the jobs?" and "Why is everything being made overseas?"

Since 2001, the United States has lost over 42,000 factories. An additional 90,000 factories are at risk of going out of business and the furniture industry alone has lost over 60 percent of its production capacity in the United States.

Since its peak in 2000, employment by American furniture manufacturers has dropped almost in half, but the damage doesn't stop there.

It's called the domino effect. When a factory closes, the dominos start falling. Every manufacturing job creates 15 jobs outside the factory. So when one job is lost at a factory, 15 jobs in the community are at risk. This impacts everyone.

This has fueled a growing spirit in our country to buy American. Through all of the bad, Southern Motion has held on. While others in the furniture industry saw China as a panacea, Southern Motion saw American jobs slipping away.

This year, Southern Motion is celebrating 20 years of American-made furniture. 20 years of American made success. Southern Motion kept America working. Instead of laying off employees during the recession, they built another new factory and nearly doubled their workforce.

Twenty years of American made growth. In 20 years, Southern Motion growth charts have never taken a down-turn.

This is accomplished in many ways.

    1. Through innovative, cutting-edge, industry-leading, original design.

    2. With quality furniture-all of which is made in Southern Motion's Mississippi factories.

    3. Through integrity. You will get your order when Southern Motion promises you'll get           it.

However, the main reason for Southern Motion's success lies in the nearly 900 American workers who show up every day to build quality, affordable furniture that makes them proud. Southern Motion's employees are their greatest strength.

Southern Motion has proven it can be done in America, manufacturing innovative, quality furniture at affordable prices. American made furniture, made by Americans.


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