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15 Aug 2016

Celebrate Relaxation with Southern Motion’s Reclining furniture

Why celebrate just one day of relaxation? Southern Motion lets you celebrate relaxation year round with a variety of reclining options.

Southern Motion provides several power options to make your journey to relaxation go over much smoother.

One option that Southern Motion furniture offers to help you relax is their power recline option. While it may seem like a luxury, you will soon find that having power reclining furniture and its customized position capability is a necessity for your home. Customized motion means that you can stop the recliner seat and back with simultaneous movement at whatever position best suits you, whether you need to soothe back pain or sit up and eat a snack while you watch TV. Gentle, power motion is suitable for all levels of mobility, and is as easy to use as a single touch.

Another relaxing features are the power headrest. It offers perfect comfort for your head and neck areas with infinite position power adjustments right at your fingertips.

Worried about not having enough space for all of your furniture? Relax, Southern Motion helps you save space with their wall-hugger technology. With their space saver option, you can place your recliner a bit closer to the wall and easily reserve some extra space for moving around your room. Wall recliner mechanisms slide slightly forward instead of straight back when you move to angle the back cushion. You can place your recliner as close as 2-3 inches from the wall and you won't have to worry about reclining back and damaging the wall behind your chair.

Another Southern Motion feature that ensues relaxation is their Reclina-Pedic technology. Enhance the level of comfort and personalized support with the addition of an inch-thick memory foam wrap to your seat cushion. The Reclina-Pedic recliner models use the body-hugging foam to provide support where you need it most.

Other options such as built in USB ports make relaxation effortless with Southern Motion's reclining furniture.

Don't just celebrate relaxation on National Relaxation Day; celebrate it year Round with Southern Motion's reclining furniture.


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