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26 Sep 2016

Southern Motion treats you like royalty with their Prestige Recliner

Southern Motion is king of balancing comfort and style and they don't fall short with the Southern Motion Prestige Hi-Leg Recliner.

Hi-Leg and High-Class the Southern Motion Prestige utilizes comfortable design. This recliner uses a transitional frame with an undulating track arm sure to please the most style sensitive person in the house.

The Southern Motion Prestige looks like an accent piece, but functions as a recliner making it more high functioning without losing its style.

When the shaping is combined with plump and luxuriously soft back cushions, oodles of relaxing is sure to be had. Tapered block feet in a tobacco finish add to the classic tone of this piece.

Not only is the Southern Motion Prestige Hi-Leg Recliner comfortable and stylish but it is accessible as well. It is available as a push-through-the-arm reclining chair or an invaluable power recline.

You don't have to be royalty to get the royal treatment. Sit like a king with the Southern Motion Prestige Recliner.

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