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31 Oct 2016

Southern Motion’s Flicker turns your dream into a reality

Close your eyes and picture the perfect chair.

No, your dream chair is not just a "flicker of your imagination", its real and it is the Southern Motion Flicker Motion Recliner.

The Flicker is everything you dreamed of and more. Transitional styling leaning toward contemporary, it is still appropriate for every room setting. The sleek flared arms of the recliner are topped with polyfoam arm pads for comfort and support.

The comfort and style of this recliner will send you into overdrive. Pad over chaise seating and uniquely styled backs are both reminiscent of luxury automobile designs. Paired with French seams in light proportions makes the Flicker even more luxurious.

The Southern Motion Flicker a variety of options and unique technology

Southern Motion offers infinite-position power reclines on all models of recliners. Customized motion means that you can find the position that best suits you, no matter if you are relaxing and watching a game or yearning to ease back pain. This gentle motion is suitable for all levels of mobility and is as easy to use as a single touch.

This version can be upgraded to power recline and further upgraded to power Plus- a power button with two USB charger ports inside of it.

Don't just dream about comfortable and stylish furniture; make it a reality with the Southern Motion Flicker Motion Recliner. 

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