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28 Nov 2016

Take time to relax this holiday season with the Southern Motion Bristol Recliner

The Bristol Recliner from Southern Motion is a small recliner that packs a punch.

The Southern Motion Bristol Recliner is a transitional style recliner, which is medium sized and offers many features. This recliner is designed to capture your exhausted body at the end of the day. It will assist it in relaxing and recharging before its time to step back out there and get back on the “hamster wheel”.

The Bristol is designed with a biscuit back type-seating cushion across the seat back and front portion of the leg rest. This style is extremely supportive and comfortable during long hours of use. The Bristol is available as a rocker, wall hugger recliner in manual or power, and as a LayFlat recliner.

The LayFlat recliner option means the seat will recline back to an almost horizontal position to allow for more relaxation options at the end of a long day's work. Wall hugger means the seat is made with a mechanism that pushes the seat cushion forward when reclining so that the back end space is conserved.

The Bristol recliner also includes a chaise style footrest, which means there are no gaps along the entire length of the leg rest thereby offering continuous leg support. This recliner is available in a power option for the wall hugger version and the LayFlat version that can be upgraded to the Power Plus package, which simply includes a USB charging port inside of the power button. This port can charge phones and tablets.

The Southern Motion Bristol can be customized with leather, fabric or a microfiber cover in a variety of colors.

The holidays can be exhausting, get a recliner that can truly let you relax with the Southern Motion Bristol.

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