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16 Jan 2017

Let “every breath you take” and “every move you make” be in the Southern Motion Sting Recliner

"Every breath you take" will be in relaxed mode on the new Southern Motion Sting recliner.

Between the styling and the comfort of the Sting recliner you will feel like you are in a luxury car seat. Radius arms adorned with saddlebag poly filled arm pads create a distinct look. The lumbar cushion and perfectly positioned headrest create the modern, contemporary design.

The Sting recliner features layflat, rocker and wall hugger design. This allows you to have a more mobile, agile recliner.

Everyone knows that leather looks great, but breathable fabrics have their own advantages. The Sting combines the best of both, with a breathable microfiber fabric that looks just like leather.

The Southern Motion Sting recliner comes in a variety of colors such as bold red or contemporary steel. This allows you to optimize style and comfort in your living space.

Not only is the Southern Motion Sting Recliner comfortable and stylish, but durable as well. The seat cushion is 1.8 density, 28-pound compression and fiber-wrapped which ensures balanced comfort for years.

The recline mechanisms are manufactured with heavy gauge steel and shoulder rivets to maintain smooth reclining function.

Let "every move you make" be in complete comfort with the Southern Motion Sting recliner.

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