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01 May 2017

Loft Living: Southern Motion Offers Grand Comfort on a Compact Scale

The new loft living collection from Southern Motion is tailored to fit those who need all the comfort and features of large furniture, but on a smaller scale. Not everyone is fond of huge homes and would prefer the coziness of a reduced living space, cottage, studio, or loft.  Loft living furniture is built with smaller proportions, exceptional craftsmanship, amazing comfort, and stunning style! Simple, sophisticated, and modern describe our new line of furniture.

While some of Southern Motion’s pieces encompass the modern take that usually comes hand in hand with loft living, other pieces of the collection can be described as contemporary for every style of homeowner.  The loft living collection is suitable for any style of scaled back living space.

Your Southern Motion loft living furniture will quickly become the key feature of your living space. Southern Motion’s Loft Living collection sofa easily allows decorative creativity to display your minimalist persona, or create an artistic and eclectic space.

If an open concept is what you crave, Southern Motion’s Loft Living collection pieces can easily serve as the focal point for your décor dream.  Our loft living collection allows the room to appear larger and inviting with the same amount of seating and personalized comfort. The Southern Motion’s Loft Living collection is a fresh concept that truly offers grand comfort on a compact scale!

Does all this sound perfect?  Check out Knock Out or First Class if loft living is for you!

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