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24 Jul 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Southern Motion Features and Benefits

            If you’re in the market for new furniture, then Southern Motion is the brand for you. Our American crafted furniture embodies Southern quality and Southern comfort for everyone to enjoy. Southern Motion is not only the style leader in reclining furniture, but also offers unique designs with attention to the tiniest detail. We are proud to say that our products are shaping the future of reclining furniture.

            To be considered an innovative leader, we have continually offered countless features and benefits on our furniture. Take a look our ultimate guide to Southern Motion features and benefits. We offer every possible amenity and more.


Lay-Flat: 165 degree lay flat positioning with infinite reclining positions.

MemoryPlus: Sit, Recline, Select, Relax

Power/PowerPlus: Electronically recline in one smooth motion. Power recline plus a USB port for all of your power needs.

Reclina-pedic: Memory fiber layer for amazing comfort.

UltraMax: Our “fully loaded” option with power recline, power headrest, power heat, power massage, power lumbar, and chill technology.

Tri-cliner: Sofas with all reclining seats.

Swivel: Rotate 360 degrees.

Rocker: Relaxing rocking motion.

Wall Hugger: Space saving technology mere inches from the wall.

Power Headrest: Raise or lower the power headrest to the perfect position for full head and neck support.

Lift Option: Wide base for greater strength and stability. Two-motor operation for independent control of ottoman and back.


Let us help you create the living space of your dreams with Southern Motion style, comfort, and innovation.

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