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07 Aug 2017

Southern Motion’s Regal Collection is the King of Motion Furniture

What makes you think of royalty?  Huge castles enveloped by lush foliage and beautiful landscaping?  Magnificent architecture and grand living quarters? 

Some of us may never be considered “royalty”, but once you experience the comfort of the new Regal Rocker Recliner you will feel like a King or Queen in your own home. Find effortless tranquility and relaxation after a demanding day with our Regal recliner. You will be able to envision a life of grandeur that was once only in your wildest imagination.  A simple living room is now a dignified place of comfort.

To create a new perspective, detailed French seams contour the back and arms of the chair. This Southern Motion piece is American-crafted and hand-upholstered for the superior comfort and quality you deserve. The original design creates a unique piece for your living space. When paired with our features and benefits such as PowerPlus, Swivel, and Rocker options, your Regal recliner will be your coveted throne.

 When you sink into the plush bucket seat and feel the lush pad-over-chaise construction that creates this divine recliner. Other features include memory plus, lay-flat, wall hugger, and Reclina-pedic.  Take a glimpse into the royal lifestyle with this magnificent Southern Motion recliner from the Regal Collection.

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