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14 Aug 2017

Southern Motion Sets the Stage with the Showcase Collection

The Showcase Collection by Southern Motion is here to recreate that exhilarating feeling of getting into an expensive sports car with the luxurious leather and comfort to match.  The use of poly-foam padding not only supports you but also highlights the sleek shape of all the pieces within this collection. Elements are detailed with French seams and styling to convey their elegance all the way to the pad-over-chaise seats.

When you combine the most successful elements with all of the innovative designs in one, you get the fresh design of the Showcase recliner group.  Showcase Furniture Group from Southern Motion has double reclining sofa, double reclining console sofa, double reclining loveseat, wedge, and recliner options. 

The radial arms provide a vivid finesse made even more so impressive with the hand-upholstered method crafted and formed in the USA by Southern Motion.  The partition in the kidney back, the modern wings, and the amazing detail put this furniture over the top as the Showcase really comes to life. 

You shouldn’t have to give up a stylish, modern living room for comfort.  The Showcase Collection design is suitable for multiple styles and provides you with the relaxation you deserve. After all, your furniture is often the focal point of your living space!  “Showcase” your flair and style with Southern Motion!

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