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25 Sep 2017

Putting the Power of Comfort in Your Hand

     Technology is something that Southern Motion stays up to date with and we are bringing it right to your fingertips. The iRecliner app is a new app available on the App Store and Google Play that you can use to control your Southern Motion recliner.  Now get even more customized comfort than ever before!

     The memory setting makes it even easier to find your perfect setting.  The app effortlessly connects via Bluetooth.   We also have a help function if you find yourself stumped on how to use the app once downloaded.  You will be able to set up your different Southern Motion pieces on the app and save them under distinct names.

     The app allows for many different options depending on what type of amenities your southern motion furniture was purchased with. You can store a first and second preset position and if you change your mind later, you have the ability to reset all positions! You can open and close the footrest as well as recline your seat. You can choose to inflate and deflate the lumbar airbag and adjust the power headrest along with memory functions. The diagram below shows you more in depth so you know exactly what each button does!

     There is also a bar at the bottom of the app that allows you to control additional features on your product, such as massage and heat.   You can increase the intensity of massage and choose between high, medium, and low.  You can also pick between three modes; steady, wave, and pulse. The heat also has low, medium, or high options.  Try the Southern Motion App today!

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