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04 Sep 2017

Southern Motion Honors Achievements of the American Worker

     Southern Motion pieces are proudly made in the USA and honor the social and economic achievements of the American worker.  Southern Motion takes pride in their dedicated and committed American workforce with over 1,450 workers in five Mississippi-based facilities.  These tireless workers are one of the greatest strengths of Southern Motion!

     Your choices affect more than you or your family.  They affect your whole community!  The more you decide to buy products made in the USA, the more our country benefits as a whole.  More jobs come Southern Motion has proven it can be done in America- manufacturing innovative, quality furniture at affordable prices since 1996!

     Americans should be aware that when we start getting products and workers outside of the USA, American workers start to lose their jobs.  When a factory closes, the dominoes start falling.  Every manufacturing job creates 15 jobs outside the factory. So, when one job is lost at a factory, 15 jobs in the community are at risk. Therefore, this creates an impact on everyone.  This somber news has fueled a growing spirit in our country to buy American.

     Instead of laying off employees during the recession, we built another new factory and nearly doubled our workforce.  That’s how we measure success- by keeping Americans working.  Through innovative, cutting-edge, industry-leading, original design.  With quality furniture- all of which is made in our Mississippi factories.

     The Dazzle Collection (pictured in the blog image) is an example of an original and innovate design becoming reality.  The patented power headrest allows for ultimate reclining positions. Transitional styling creates the adaptable Dazzle pieces.  The greatest feature of the Dazzle is the impressive wide seats! This gives plenty of room for a cozy experience like no other!  The craftmanship of Southern Motion really “dazzles” throughout.

     Let us reiterate this important detail once more.  The main reason we’re successful lies in the American workers who show up every day to build quality, affordable furniture that makes them proud. American-made furniture made by Americans. This Labor Day remember the importance of American workers. It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.  What are your values? 




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