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30 Oct 2017

Southern Motion Recommends Neutral Color Story Options

     Southern Motion has many options for those who would like to decorate with a neutral color pallet. One of the most satisfying parts of neutral color stories is that you can mix neutrals with fun little pops of color here and there. With all of the different options at Southern Motion, you can get the perfect design you were looking for in no time.

     Be sure of what colors you want to be your permanent pieces. Furniture and paint are considered more permanent. Rugs, paintings, and throw pillows are just three ideas of décor that can jazz up a room with color or patterns in a temporary way (or permanent depending on your taste).

     The homeowner has more liberty with décor because the main pieces are able to match with just about anything. The neutrals enhance the room with a calming and inviting environment.  Neutrals also have the ability to create a unique elegance that envelops the whole home

     A gray leather motion sectional matched with a gray, brown, black, and white patterned accent chair has the neutral theme without bright colors, yet adding a pop of character with the intense pattern as a focal point.  A white motion sofa with a bright blue area rug and beautiful blue and green paintings adds a serene feeling to the room.  A comfortable informality is recognized with the careful use of neutral furniture pieces and calming colors placed throughout.

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