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09 Oct 2017

True Home Theater with Southern Motion’s Premier Home Entertainment Collection

   The Premier Home Entertainment furniture from Southern Motion is the introduction to a different style of “True Home Theater”.  Feel like you are truly in the movie theater in your own home! The single arm in between each seat is unlike any of the other home entertainment pieces. Premier is successful in giving you the feel of an actual movie theater chair without leaving the comfort and conveniences of your own home. 

     Sit down and indulge in your new seating. Stay in and watch a football game or a movie on your home entertainment collection instead of getting out into the cool night air. With fall already here, and winter fast approaching, there will be more time to relax indoors rather than freeze outside.

     Bustle backing and pad-over-chaise seats have extra stitching detailing that are automotive inspired.  The exposed top rail of each seat creates marvelous, eye-catching design. MemoryPlus, Lay-Flat, Reclina-Pedic, and iRecliner benefits are also available. Cupholders are an extra amenity that add to the theater character.  Power headrest is optional, but strongly encouraged for even more personalized comfort that you don’t want to miss out on. Configure the perfect home entertainment collection with Premier from Southern Motion.

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