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06 Nov 2017

Be Bold with Ruby Red Furniture From Southern Motion

Southern Motion understands the power of the color red in a home.  Families want their households to reflect energy and use splashes of red to demonstrate the enthusiasm they have for lives pursued adventurously and fully.  In addition to stimulating appetites for good living, red helps to breathe life into business environments to elevate moods and encourage dynamic productivity.  This exciting color stimulates movement and activity and some believe bright colors can reduce the stress of the workplace and increase focus.  

Red can be incorporated in a traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, or that of a personal mix of eclectic decor and style.  Even rooms that have a foundation of more neutral walls, flooring or even seating can be boosted to a more passionate setting with red accessories.  The use of red can be used in a home environment or even an office.  Be bold with red color story inspired furniture from Southern Motion!

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