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20 Nov 2017

Choose Southern Motion Furniture for Your Blue Color Story

Just as the blue seen in the sky or an ocean can be many different shades and tones, emotional response to the myriad of blues will be just as vast and are usually related to the combination of shades and tones.

Southern Motion understands the blue of the waters surrounding the Hawaiian island on a bright sunny day arouses different emotional responses than on the Gulf Coast in northern Florida on a slightly cloudy day when the water hue is more navy.

Color suggests the ambiance or atmosphere of the setting or room. Along with the basic color, shade and placement of the color reflects a deeper reflection of the intended mood within the home or office.  While blue is broadly associated with depth and stability, this is still very general until consideration is given to other elements that reflect personality and tastes.  

Because Southern Motion wants to address the needs of all their clients, one chair may be produced in a variety of tones in a style compatible with that color palette, such as blue. A navy chair on an earth-tone rug will probably more strongly suggest a more masculine mood than that same style of chair with pastel blue fabric or leather on a white rug.  That same model of chair in crème color on a rug with an active design predominated with blue will more likely lead the viewer to stronger image of sophistication.

All three of these scenarios provoke feelings of peace and harmony. However, emotional response to each is different and, therefore, should be considered along with the location and use in the home or office.

Southern Motion recognizes that selection of furniture is not simply a function of comfort but is grounded in the emotional realm of each personality type.  However, whatever design, mood or response wanted, all designs encompass stringent standards of quality craftsmanship and for the provision of comfort.

Check out these Southern Motion furniture pieces to add blue to your household!

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