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29 Nov 2017

New Southern Motion Made in the USA Site

While reflecting back on the history of the USA, images of solidarity and patriotism emerge.  Our memories seem to focus on a deep pride that every working citizen held as each was contributing to the good of the country.  

Today, there is a growing alliance of manufacturers who are boldly stepping up to the podium with this same cry, “Made in the USA”, and Southern Motion is proud to proclaim their products are American made.

During stressful times of battling with global competitors, Southern Motion maintains a role of responsibility to provide jobs for current citizens and future generations.  Made in the USA means that Southern Motion upholds USA labor embraced in this country regardless of what may be happening in other places on this globe.

Southern Motion understands the complexity of the relationship of our nation’s deficit and how domestic production will contribute to more USA investment opportunities, a better economy and environmental concerns.

Southern Motion is onboard to help re-fuel pride in origin of the manufacturer and to provide refuge from the potential problems that can spiral down from neglect of the common responsibility.

Explore Southern Motion’s new “Made in the USA” focused site to learn more.

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