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14 Nov 2017

Southern Motion Furniture Meets Farmhouse Chic

Living in the southern part of this wonderful country means that residents can experience the best of two worlds. The motion of business is powerfully fast but life after work can still be farmhouse chic, with a perfect blending of the diversity of work and home.  Southern Motion carries this concept to their furniture designs and colors, catering to the pursued concept of a balanced life with their quality sofas and chairs in styles and colors.   Homes are merged and nestled in rich agrarian landscapes with the rushed momentum of a global business world.  

Nailhead details of certain Southern Motion furniture encompass the farmhouse style. With a hard contrast against the softness of the fabric, the craftmanship really creates an elaborate focal point for all to enjoy. Decorate with unique antiques to inspire a vintage look that pairs well with the shabby chic farmhouse style. Place cowhides over the motion sofa or across the floor to add a cozy feel.

To merge the clash of work with family, Southern Motion strives to achieve balance for tastes ranging from the depth of warm cozy red tones reminiscent of Old World influences (see their FIRST CLASS 718 collection).  These pieces simultaneously bring to mind the comfort of a blazing fire battling chilling winter winds to more neutral tones that enhance the lush complexion of a farm landscape seen through panoramic windows.  Choose a leather option to further enrich the atmosphere to allow a farmstead ambiance to shine throughout the room.

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