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22 Dec 2017

Southern Motion wishes you a Majestic Christmas and New Year!

The Holiday Season is wonderfully filled with family and friend gatherings.  Dinners are shared and gifts exchanged; then the mark-downs hit the stores and the race is on for all those items not received but still on the list.  Finally, there is the last box to check to complete the month of celebrations: hope for great things in the coming new year and resolutions to better our lives as the calendar flips over.

The latest catch phrase is “full life wellness” and Southern Motion understands this and has been designing recliners and other furniture to help meet this goal for a long time.  Take stock of those things that improve or maintain health in our daily lives.  Southern Motion proposes that one thing that prevents us from achieving our best is that we are tired…not enough relaxation to re-coop between days filled with job-related stress (physical and mental) and evenings filled with all those activities in which families are engaged for structure in physical wellness, emotional satisfaction and spiritual solidification.

With the advent of the New Year, Southern Motion recommends that the bread-winners of families invest in themselves with a recliner that will provide a sanctuary for rest from the busyness of life.  Maintaining a solid foundation of full life wellness for those who support the family can be a positive step in keeping a family solvent through not only physical support but also mental or stress-managed relaxing renewals.

The Majestic collection will provide that solitary base for full life wellness through rest but also though multiple recliner seating for all members of a family.  Featured in this collection is Reclina-pedic benefit, the iRecliner controller, MemoryPlus and benefits.

This collection was also designed to fit your home, your style and your space.  These recliners, solitary or in sofas, are wall huggers and are detailed with polyfoam in cushions, arm pads and even the wings.  The design also includes pad-over-chaise toppers.

Full life wellness on the top of the New Year resolution also includes caring for one’s self during the down times.

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