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19 Dec 2017

The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season Is iRecliner

When choosing a gift this Christmas, what better present than a Southern Motion recliner with the iRecliner feature.  Control recline and headrest settings with just a press of a button on your smartphone. Once you set up your phone, your device can be saved for future use without having to add it every time you open your app.   

Any question you have can be easily answered within the app and it is very user-friendly. The two programmable memory settings are great! With this memory setting, if you have found the perfect position and want to automatically adjust back to those, you can in seconds!  No need to remember what it was, the iRecliner app does that for you!  If you change your mind, no worries!  You can reset the memory at any time.

We know you have a family member that would love to have this “power of comfort” in their own home. Making our customers happy is our priority! If you would like to learn even more about this feature you can visit this previous blog here or   

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