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29 Oct 2018

Southern Motion Furniture Partners with ENouvation to Provide Battery-Powered Furniture

Pontotoc, MS – October 10, 2018 - Southern Motion, a Mississippi-based furniture manufacturer, announced their partnership with ENouvation, one of the leaders in power technology in the seating industry. Southern Motion will now be offering ENouvation’s lithium batteries as an option for many of their power motion seating products.

This partnership brings the best of both worlds to the consumer - technology and comfort. Before this technology was available for power seating, cords had to be run from the furniture to the wall, limiting the flexibility of the design and location of the piece. But today, families can enjoy power seating wherever they want with these powerful lithium batteries.

“We at ENouvation are excited to partner with one of the premier motion suppliers in the industry, Southern Motion.  Integrating our premium power pack with their outstanding style and quality is a winning proposition for the furniture retailer,” said Nathan Munton, a partner at ENouvation.

“This partnership brings to the table something we as an industry have been looking for since the beginning of power furniture. As a leader in this category, it is only fitting that we partner with the pioneer of this technology.  This brings power furniture to the next level with the ability to float motion sofas, recliners, and accent chairs in the middle of a room without any cords. It’s the next step in the evolution of motion,” said G Lipscomb, EVP Sales and Marketing.

This exclusive partnership is important for both brands, as well as Southern Motion’s many loyal customers.

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About ENouvation

ENouvation seeks to simplify life through technology and comfort. They work to bring the newest and most useful tools into your home, putting the controls right at your fingertips. Their current lineup of products takes advantage of the best technology available in the seating industry today. Learn more about ENouvation here.

About Southern Motion

Southern Motion, founded in 1996, currently employs over 1,500 people in five Mississippi-based facilities spanning over 1.5 million square feet. The Company is a domestic producer of upholstered motion furniture incorporating original styling, quick delivery and high quality standards and provides one of the most comprehensive special order programs in the industry.

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