Smart Solutions Fabric

Smart Solutions fabrics are worry-free fabrics that can withstand the challenges of everyday life, from pets to kids to that evening glass of wine. They are available on all Southern Motion furniture and make it possible to have comfort, style, and utility.

With unbelievable stain resistance and cleanability, Smart Solutions fabrics exceed performance expectations and ensure years of faithful service for your favorite Southern Motion piece. Don’t sacrifice beauty, softness, or luxury for convenience. With Smart Solutions, you can have it all!

We have nine Smart Solutions fabrics that are available for all motion groups and recliners. These durable, easy to clean fabrics are offered through our reputable partners, LiveSmart and NeverFear™.

LiveSmart by Culp

LiveSmart fabrics were designed for live-in moments. From spills to dirty feet to everything in between, we understand that life’s messes happen. LiveSmart fabric offers protection down to the yarn to extend the life of your furniture, all in the name of home design trends. Now you don’t need to choose between form and function.

NeverFear™ by Z-Wovens

NeverFear™ fabrics are worry-free choices that can stand up to real life. With unbeatable stain resistance and cleanability, these fabrics not only meet industry standards for performance, but exceed them. This ensures our customers have years of faithful service without having to worry about dirt, stains, or life getting in the way.