How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized Over Summer Break

June 25, 2020

Summer break is officially here! This time of year offers a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your family and enjoy all that the warm weather brings, but it also means that regular routines go out the window. If you’re already tired of cleaning up after everyone, we’re here to help. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can stay organized and relax all summer long.

Set Up a Simple Daily Cleaning Schedule

If you’re looking for ideas on how to keep your home clean and organized this summer, start by dividing up chores between your family members. Make a simple chart with daily tasks and enlist the help of the kids. They can help with watering the garden, sweeping the porch or patio, or folding beach towels. 

To make the chores less mundane, set a timer so the kids can try to beat the clock to get the job done. At the end of the week, consider a special treat like an ice cream outing to reward the whole family.

Create Beach Bags for Each Member of the Family

Going out for a swim often leaves the house cluttered with all the beach or pool paraphernalia. One secret to keeping a clean house in the summer is to have these items organized in advance. Consider making up a beach or pool bag for each member of the family. 

Stock each bag with a towel, sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses, sun hat, and a water bottle. Have a rule that each person is responsible for grabbing their own bag when it’s time to go — and for taking care of it when returning. It doesn’t take long for kids to hang up their swimsuit and towel and rinse out their water bottles. Hang temporary hooks in the entryway for each person’s bag to make it a breeze to keep things organized.

Make Summer Snack Bags

With the kids home from school, summer often means more snacking which can lead to more messes. When you’re tired of cleaning up after everyone, sweeping crumbs and wiping up spills is the last thing you want to do. To cut back on messes, set up snack bags at the beginning of each week and have the kids take their snacks out on the porch, backyard, or deck

Try healthy snacks that are easy to prepare like cut-up fruit or vegetables, homemade trail mix, cheese and crackers, or small containers of hummus with pita chips.

Create an Area to Organize Summer Games

One of the best secrets to keeping a clean house is to have a home for everything, so designate areas for all your summer yard games — and make sure your family puts them back after every use. 

Hang sturdy hooks on the wall of your garage or mudroom for items like baseball bags and tennis rackets. Use old laundry baskets, hampers, or storage bins to house items like balls, Frisbees, and squirt guns. Have pets? Set up a small area for Fido’s outdoor toys near the family sports and game gear, too.

Woman relaxing on summer-friendly furniture

Update Furniture and Decor

Another thing that might come to mind when considering how to keep your home clean and organized over summer break is your furniture. Summer heat can be tough on furniture and home decor. 

Invest in quality furniture with comfortable, worry-free fabrics, like Southern Motion’s Smart Solutions, that will stay looking great. You can also buy indoor-outdoor rugs that are easy to wash and hold up to wear. Go simple with summer decor styles that do double-duty. Stylish woven baskets, for example, can hold beach towels by the door. You can also use washable summer tablecloths or placemats for easy-to-clean table decor.

Pre-Pack a Picnic Tote

Instead of having picnic items all over the kitchen, pack a picnic tote in advance that you can keep stored out of sight. Place items like plates, napkins, disposable cutlery, hand sanitizer or wipes, a picnic blanket, and mini-packages of condiments, so your picnic essentials are ready when you are. It’s a great way to keep your home clean and organized and ensures you don’t forget any items.

Start a Load of Laundry Every Morning

The house can quickly become overrun with grass-stained play clothes, sticky sweatshirts, and wet swimsuits and beach towels in the summer. If you’re tired of cleaning up after everyone when they get changed, consider switching up your laundry schedule. 

Toss a load of laundry in the washing machine each morning. This will keep bedrooms and bathrooms neater and prevent stains from setting into clothing. You can also make the most of the warm weather by hanging the laundry outside to dry instead of running the dryer. This will save energy and leave your close smelling like the fresh summer breeze. 

Use these secrets to keeping a clean house to stay sane and on top of the household tasks this summer. This can help you free up valuable time to spend out in the sunshine with your family. Take a look at our blog post on fun summer activities to try with your kids!

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