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11 Baby Nursery Ideas for Small Rooms

May 6, 2021

With a little one on the way, there are so many things to prepare. Don’t forget to have some fun decorating your baby’s nursery! You can experiment with colors, patterns, furniture, wallpapers, and decor to make it feel comfortable for you and your baby. After all, you’ll both be spending lots of time there! 

These baby nursery ideas for small rooms will help make the most of your nursery, even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. 

Neutral nursery idea

Choose a Cute Light

The light you choose to hang in the room can add a focal point to your nursery. Overhead lighting will illuminate the room effectively without taking up precious floor space and give your baby something fun to look at from their crib. This baby nursery idea for small rooms is an excellent opportunity to experiment with styles that you might not normally gravitate towards! 

Dress Up the Changing Table

Make the changing table more exciting by adding some artwork around it. This will add some color to the walls and make the corner extra cute. If you’re looking for neutral nursery ideas, adding some prints around the changing table will allow you to experiment with vibrant colors and patterns.

Choose Fun and Functional Furniture

Your nursery is sure to have a few pieces of furniture: a crib, a chair, a little dresser, and maybe a few other tables or stools. To maximize a smaller space, make sure this furniture is functional. For example, choose a stool or futon that doubles as a storage solution. Depending on the color scheme you decide on, furniture pieces can also be an effective way to incorporate color into the room. 

Find a Comfortable Chair

When it comes to furniture, finding a comfortable chair for your nursery should be priority number one. Okay, maybe priority number two after deciding on a crib. Consider adding a rocking chair to the corner of the room where you can rock with your baby. You can also take a more comfortable, space-effective route with one of Southern Motion’s swivel gliders. Available in different patterns, these pieces can really bring your baby’s nursery to life and make for a great baby nursery idea for small rooms.

Install Shelves for a Baby Library

Another great baby nursery idea for smaller rooms is to install shelves on the walls for a little library. Here, you can display baby books, small toys, and pictures. As your baby gets older, these shelves will still serve a purpose as you collect more books and memories over the years!

Baby books and toys on shelf

DIY the Walls

A fun way to bring your nursery to life is to paint the walls, hang wallpaper, or add stencils. Experiment with colors, patterns, and designs, especially if you’re looking for neutral nursery ideas. Don’t have a lot of time to decorate? You can always stick to a statement wall. Paint the wall behind your baby’s crib for a pop of color and an interesting focal point in the room. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider painting or stenciling the ceiling so your baby can enjoy the view. 

Find an Interesting Mobile

Hanging a mobile above the crib gives your baby something to watch from their crib while also adding a sweet piece of decoration to the nursery. This is something that you might want to be more playful than some of the other items in the nursery, since your baby will be looking at this piece the most. 

Repurpose a Dresser

A smart baby nursery idea for small rooms is to repurpose a dresser as a changing table. You can have diapers, wipes, and clean clothes ready to go in the drawers below and install a safe and comfortable changing table top. Get creative with it and give the dresser a fresh coat of paint while you’re at it.

Personalize the Room

Incorporate your baby’s name in a framed print on the wall, hang pictures of your new family, and give the room a personal feel. This will make your nursery feel like an important part of your home from day one and get you even more excited to share the space with your new baby.

 Striped rug in pink and grey nursery

Find a Statement Rug

A great way to decorate a small space and a fantastic neutral nursery idea is to showcase a statement rug in the middle of the room. Find something colorful or patterned, but make sure it’s easy to clean! 

Add Nursery Plants

To bring even more life into the room and purify the air, consider adding plants around your nursery. House plants are ideal for decorating small spaces, as you can add them to shelves and even hang them in macrame plant hangers. Non-toxic plants that work well for a nursery are parlor palms, cast iron plants, and kentia palms. 

No matter what your design goals are for your baby’s room, these nursery ideas for small rooms are sure to help the process. For more tips on how to make the most of a smaller space, read our blog post on maximizing your living space.

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