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Product Safety


Southern Motion is announcing a voluntary recall for Southern Motion reclining furniture using lithium ion batteries to provide wireless power.


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The lithium ion batteries installed in these furniture items could overheat, posing a fire hazard.

We are requesting that you please STOP using the furniture under power in order to reduce the risk of a fire hazard. Please place the chair in a fully closed, un-reclined position and unplug the battery from the wall.


Click here to read the CPSC recall press release


What We Need You to Do:

Email us at: to arrange for a free conversion repair.


Southern Motion sincerely regrets this inconvenience and appreciates your cooperation. Your safety and that of your family is of the utmost important to us.


Southern Motion Furniture


How to know if your furniture is included in the recall

Stapled under one of the footrests, there will be a white label attached with a SERIAL NUMBER printed on it.   The label also shows what OPTIONS were produced on your furniture.

If your furniture shows an option of “WP” then your furniture IS involved in the recall.

If the label does not indicate “WP” your furniture is NOT involved in the recall.

Sample Label:



The new nationwide standard for upholstered furniture flammability, “The SaferOccupancy Furniture Flammability Act” or the “SOFFA Act”, was signed into law on December 27, 2020. Southern Motion and Fusion Furniture are in full compliance with the new standard. It applies to upholstered furniture manufactured on or after June 25, 2021.


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