5 of the Most Effective Decor Tips for Small Spaces

August 16, 2018

Have a small space that needs sprucing up? You don’t need to compromise on behalf of size. Small spaces can be just as stylish as larger spaces if decorated with some strategy. There are plenty of tips and tricks for furniture selection, wall decor, and accessories that can help transform your space from cramped to cozy.

Below are five of the best and most effective decor tips for small spaces:

Select the Right Furniture

When it comes to decorating a small space, sleek, compact, and functional furniture is the key to success. The Primo recliner is the perfect example of a piece of furniture that is small, stylish, and comfortable. With no elements compromised, The Primo offers the very best when it comes to compact recliners. Choosing a sofa for your small living space can be tricky. The perfect sofa should be compact but comfortable, sturdy but flexible, and graceful but functional. The Essex sofa embodies all of those qualities. A haven of relaxation, this specialty sofa offers up a fashionable and feature-packed frame perfect for any small space.

When arranging your furniture in a small living space, make sure that the pieces aren’t overlapping or blocking any window or door frames. Instead, opt for less furniture so you have more space to navigate through. Replace any large furniture pieces with smaller alternatives (for example, instead of a wide coffee table, consider an ottoman).

Bring it Together with Wall Decor

Strategic and beautiful wall decor will help you preserve floor space and enhance your style. However, wall decor should be taken into consideration after furniture and other larger decor pieces have been chosen. This way, you can use wall decor as an opportunity to tie everything together. Try putting together a gallery wall that ties in the colors of your space, or consider functional wall storage to help you save space like book holders, small shelving units, and hooks.

Houseplants, books, pile of journals and watering can arranged on the wooden shelf.

Add Life with Plants

Adding plants to your space can make it feel more fresh, open, and inviting, no matter the size. Try dedicating a corner of your space to a large potted plant. Have some fun picking out the type of plant and the pot style to complement your space. Or, take advantage of vertical space by hanging a plant from the ceiling. This works for spaces that are lacking in floor space because they can be hung above other pieces of furniture.

Create an Illusion with Mirrors

One of the ultimate goals of decorating a small space is to make it feel larger. If your space is feeling a little cramped, try adding some mirrors. There are plenty of decorative wall and floor mirrors on the market so you’re sure to find one that aligns with your home’s style. Mirrors are a great way to add a little extra dimension to any room and create the illusion of a larger space. Try hanging a large mirror on the wall as a centerpiece. If possible, hang the mirror so that it reflects back the largest part of your home. Another great option is to lean a large floor mirror between two walls so that more space is reflected.

A small living room with furniture, a coffee table, and an accent chair.

Separate with Rugs

Placing rugs throughout your home can help separate spaces and create new “areas”. For example, if you have a combined living and dining room, placing an area rug under the dining room table can help to section off that area so it’s more of its own space. Plus, rugs can help give each area a unique style without having all the decor blend together. For an added element of style, try layering rugs with differing textures and colors.

If you’re decorating a small space, don’t fret. Following these decor tips for small spaces can help you craft the home of your dreams. If you know what to look for in furnishings and decor, it’s easy to make the most out of spaces lacking in square footage. By selecting the right items and arranging them strategically, you can maximize the space in your home and, as a result, maximize its design potential.

If you still feel like your space could use some extra room, follow the ultimate living room decluttering list to make your home more organized and spacious!

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