Labor Day 2018: Plan the Perfect Staycation

August 27, 2018

The season of sunshine is winding down, which means Labor Day is right around the corner. Although Labor Day presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of summer, it’s also one of the busiest weekends of the year, which means crowded airports, freeways, grocery stores, and almost every other public place. However, you don’t have to celebrate amongst the masses to enjoy Labor Day. Having a “staycation” will save you time, money, and the stresses that accompany Labor Day travel.

In the battle between a Labor Day staycation versus the traditional vacation, staycations always come out on top. With proper preparation and planning, you can enjoy the last holiday of summer the right way. Let’s look at ways to make this Labor Day staycation a successful one.

Woman shopping at the grocery store

1. Get your shopping done in advance

Don’t throw yourself into the chaotic Labor Day crowds the day of. Visit the grocery store in the days before Labor Day and stock up on everything you may need. If you’re having people over, ask your guests if there’s anything they may need and don’t be afraid to host a potluck-style event so you can share some of the shopping responsibilities with the guests.

2. Prepare your spread

Plan a staycation that requires minimal effort. Once you have the ingredients for a yummy, food-filled staycation, you can start prepping your meals and snacks the day before. Prepare any raw meats that need time to marinate, bake some goodies, and make some tea and lemonade for immediate enjoyment. You can also prepare meat and cheese platters or veggie plates in advance to save yourself time.

A woman putting an invitation into a pink envelope.

3. Invite friends and family in advance

If you’re choosing to have people over, make sure to invite them in advance because this is a busy weekend. Even if you’re having a simple game night or dinner, giving your guests a heads up in advance will ensure that they reserve the date.

4. Get creative with activities

Since the point of a staycation is to avoid going out into the Labor Day crowds, make sure you have enough activities planned so that you don’t get cabin fever. Invest in board games, card games, movies, and other sources of entertainment that will have you relaxing in the living room all day with your loved ones. If it’s just you and your sweetheart staying in, have a movie marathon and cuddle up on the sofa. If you’re planning fun for the whole family, have a board game tournament.

A living room featuring a Southern Motion sofa.

5. Make sure your environment is cozy

You work hard and deserve a break this long weekend. Make sure you set yourself up with a cozy environment perfect for lounging all day. This could include installing fans for the summer heat or investing in a nice recliner or sofa for both lounging and entertaining.

6. Clean and organize your space

Clutter and messes can be stressful and put a damper on your relaxing holiday weekend. In the week before Labor Day, spend some time cleaning the house so you can enjoy a sparkling clean home during your staycation.

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, Fall, and colder months ahead. Rather than spending this weekend stressing about your travel plans, enjoy a relaxing staycation with plenty of food, games, and comfort. Spending quality time with loved ones at home is the best way to say goodbye to summer.

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