Modern Fireplace Decorating Ideas

January 2, 2020

As we cuddle up during the winter months, our fireplaces not only come in handy for keeping us nice and toasty, they also take center stage as one of the focal points of our homes. Now that the holidays are over, take your festive decor down and jump-start your 2020 home decor with these modern fireplace decorating ideas.

1. Alive with Art

A super quick and easy way to style your fireplace is to add a few art pieces on top of the mantle. Grab your favorite pieces, such as a framed painting or even a small sculpture, to brighten up the room and the transformation is done!

Fireplace mantle with plant decor

2. Fresh and Green

While plants and a fireplace may not be the most obvious decor pairing, they go together like two peas in a pod. Plant decor is super trendy right now, so framing your fireplace with plants leaves you with a cutting edge look. You can cluster potted plants of different sizes on the floor of the fireplace or on the mantle (the latter might be best if you have pets). If you don’t use the fireplace, consider placing plants inside the hearth as well. Don’t shy away from fake plants if you want low-maintenance decor that gives the same effect. Note: If you choose to decorate with live plants, research their care tips to make sure they will be able to survive in this setting.

3. Black and White

The harsh contrast of black and white is another decor trend we’re seeing this year. You can incorporate this modern fireplace decorating idea quickly and cheaply if that’s what your goal is. For those that have a low budget, you can purchase any white and black decor pieces (art, mirrors, pottery, candles) and create a contrast by placing them above and below the mantle. If you have a higher budget, painting, tiling, and adding wallpaper are more intense options to consider. For example, you can tile your fireplace with black tile and paint the background wall white.

Pottery collection above fireplace

4. Display a Collection

If you like to collect things, put them to use for this modern fireplace decorating idea. Whether it’s pottery or antiques, utilize your mantle to showcase your collection in a place where everyone can enjoy it!

5. Big and Bright

Mirrors are a bold statement piece and 2020’s motto is “go big or go home.” Modernize your fireplace by placing an oversized mirror above the mantle. This is also a great trick for brightening up your room because mirrors reflect natural light.

Scandinavian-style fireplace

6. Scandinavian Style

Keep your modern fireplace decorating idea simplistic and light by following Scandinavian style. This Nordic interior design trend uses light neutral colors like gray and white, clean lines, and minimalism. Put them all together and your Scandinavian-style fireplace will transform the room into a bright and airy space.

7. Boho Meets Minimalism

Nothing says modern more than minimalism. If this is your kind of style, mix in a little Boho design and apply the magic to your fireplace. Picture a white wall, a couple candlesticks, one pottery piece, and a big modern art painting. So simple and easy!

Feminine fireplace with bright colors

8. Feminine and Fabulous

If contrasting colors and minimalism doesn’t float your boat, you can use this modern fireplace decorating idea to stay trendy. Channel the feminine and fabulous vibe by rocking these three things: gold, color, and fun patterns. For example, decorate with gold-potted plants on your mantle, brightly-colored books along shelving, and patterned tile around the hearth.

9. Higher Heights

For those of you that are looking to completely change the design of your fireplace, this modern fireplace decorating idea is made for you. Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces are totally in and they make for a pretty spectacular focal point. Big, bold, and tall is the name of the game and color is really up to you. The sheer size of a floor-to-ceiling fireplace draws attention, so staying in the neutral color range isn’t going to lessen the impact.

There you have it! Now, pick your style and start off 2020 fresh and modern with these modern fireplace decorating ideas. If you want to make big moves this year and change up your entire living room, check out how to design the perfect living room color palette!

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