Zero Gravity Chairs Buyer’s Guide

May 18, 2020

Gravity means a lot, but when it comes to your comfort, less may be best. At least that’s the general concept behind the zero gravity massage chair. This innovative product replicates the reclining seats used by astronauts. Zero gravity chairs have quickly grown in popularity, both because of their comfort and ability to potentially relieve certain health issues.

But are these conceptual pieces right for you? You don’t need to suffer from aches and pains to enjoy the benefits of this comfortable chair. From healthy back furniture to eye-catching zero gravity styles, there’s a perfect zero gravity piece for every home.

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs are like no other recliner. What sets the zero gravity chair apart is its construction. It’s all rooted in the general concept of weightlessness. 

Where design is concerned, this translates into an ergonomic system that evenly distributes your weight when you sit. This minimizes pressure and strain on single areas of the body — an issue that’s common when seated on any average chair. This balanced effect reduces intensity in areas that might otherwise suffer from general or vague discomfort. It can also help with more serious pain in your muscles and joints.

If you’re looking for furniture that can offer deep relaxation and pain relief, here are just a few ways a zero gravity chair can help you.

Zero Gravity Chairs for Back Pain

Sometimes, when you settle into the average chair, you might feel a bit of pressure in your spine, or find that you fall into a slouching position without even realizing it. That can leave your muscles tight and your joints stiff — two issues that can derail your best efforts to unwind.

The zero gravity chair for back pain resolves all of that. It alleviates pressure placed on the spine and supports a more natural seating position. This makes it simple for you to keep your body aligned. Because it promotes better posture, it creates a supportive and healing environment for an uncomfortable or stiff back. If you invest in a zero gravity massage chair, you can enjoy even more back relaxation with one of the many massage programs available.

Woman sitting on couch with back pain

Improved Circulation

Zero gravity chairs aren’t just healthy back furniture, either. When you’re seated in a way that minimizes stress on a particular area of the body, your circulation naturally improves. This can drastically reduce swelling in the legs and lead to a general feeling of improved wellness. As blood flows throughout the body, you’ll feel stronger and more alert. Because your body is more relaxed you will likely experience less mental stress and anxiety. This makes a zero gravity chair the perfect place to put your feet up at the end of a long day.

Breathe Easy with Zero Gravity!

An unexpected advantage is that zero gravity chairs aid in lung function, too. When you’re seated in a position where there’s more even dispersion of body weight, your lungs have a chance to relax and expand to their fullest capacity. The result: More oxygen and a healthier, more energetic you.

Styling Rooms With Zero Gravity Chairs

The highly functional zero gravity chair is also a stylish centerpiece that adds the perfect finishing touch to any room. Think of it as the real hero piece of furniture — the one that prioritizes your comfort without sacrificing visual intrigue. 

There are many different types of zero gravity massage chairs available, which allows you to find the right furniture for your unique home. 

Zero Gravity for Every Sized Space

You may need to base your decision strictly on the size of your space, particularly if you have a small living room. Since the chair is ergonomically designed, it’s relatively easy to fit a smaller structure into your home or apartment with ease. You might opt for a sleek and simple A-Game Recliner from the Southern Motion Zero Gravity collection if you have limited space and want to add something effortless to your existing interior design. 

If you have more space, you can add an oversized zero gravity chair or a zero gravity massage chair to the room. Both of these types of chairs offer functional and style benefits alike. For example, Southern Motion’s Impulse Recliner features statement arms complete with cupholders, as well as SoCozi heat function, lumbar support, and massage system for luxurious comfort.

If you’re uncertain about how much space you have, take measurements of your room and compare your results to the size of the chair before you buy.

Finding the Right Style

Zero gravity furniture is more than just a mechanism. Once you’ve made your choice of zero gravity model, you can choose from a number of colors and designs, ranging from subtle to eye-catching. Southern Motion’s zero gravity chairs are available in over 350 fabrics and 45 leather colors. This helps you add even more style to your home!

Think about what your room specifically needs right now. Could it benefit from the addition of a classic piece in a neutral color, or would it be better served by something bold that’s more of a focal piece? Keep those priorities in mind as you decide on the most suitable zero gravity recliner for your living space.

You can also take your interior to the next level with Southern Motion’s stylish Next Level collection. Although not strictly zero gravity chairs, these recliners allow you to recline with your feet above your heart to improve circulation and reduce pressure on your neck, back, and legs. With three inches of extra length in full recline, massage system add-ons, and versatile stylings, these recliners, sofas, and loveseats, offer another relaxing option for any interior design.

Zero Gravity Quality

A top-notch zero gravity chair is built to last. As soon as you sit in the recliner, you should feel secure. Solid construction, rich cushioning, and durable materials are essential for the best zero gravity experience. 

If you’re looking for a zero gravity massage chair, be sure to get the heating functions and massage programs that are right for your needs. Southern Motion’s Turbo, for example, is available with the SoCozi air and heat massage system. This will allow you to get the most relaxation and rejuvenation from your furniture for many years to come.

Investing in zero gravity furniture is an investment in your health, wellness, and home design. For the highest quality zero gravity recliners, take a look at the Zero Gravity Collection offered exclusively by Southern Motion.

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