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DIY Home Updates: Make an Old House Look Like New

There’s nothing more magical than a home full of character. It’s the reason we choose to buy older properties or stay in the same house for decades. The problem is, the more history your house has, the more likely it will need some DIY home updates. The good news is that you can give your home a facelift no matter how much time, money, and effort you have to spare!

From smaller jobs like changing out light fittings to larger projects like redecorating, read on to find out how you can make your old house look modern.

How to Modernize a House on a Budget

If you bought an older house because it was a more affordable option, the last thing you want to do is to pour all your savings into costly home improvements. Similarly, if you’re in love with your home’s special charm, you may not want to give it a complete overhaul. No matter whether you’re trying to keep to a budget or stick to a subtle refresh, these are the DIY home updates for you.

Do a Deep Clean

Dirt can build up over the years without us really noticing — even when we clean on a regular basis. If you have an older home, one of the best ways to spruce it up is with a thorough cleaning. 

Rent a carpet or tile cleaner to give your floors a seriously good wash. You can take your curtains to the dry cleaners and use a professional service to get your furniture cleaned. The cleaning shouldn’t be limited to inside your home, either. If you have vinyl siding on the exterior of your house, use a power washer to remove any moss, mold, and mildew. This may not be the most glamorous of DIY home updates, but it’s certainly effective.

Buy New Linens

Updating your linens is a great way to modernize your home on a budget. Replace graying towels and shower curtains with designs that make your bathroom pop. Choose bed linens that bring your bedroom decor together. Buy a new tablecloth that makes you proud to host a dinner party in your home. 

Another way to make an old house more modern is to switch out heavy window treatments for light drapes. This will also allow more light into your home, which brings us to our next DIY home update.

DIY home update with modern light fixture

Let There Be Light

Nothing makes an old house look more modern than good lighting. You can easily tweak the lighting in your home by adding modern table and floor lamps to the darker areas of your home. Consider replacing old-fashioned fixtures and light shades or even installing recessed LED lighting for a truly modern feel.

You can also update the light switches and plates around your home for another simple DIY home update. The same goes for power outlets, door handles, and drawer pulls, as these can become damaged and outdated over time.

Prioritize Your Paint Jobs

Painting your entire home is a huge project that requires a lot of time and effort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use some paint to modernise your home on a budget

Select key items in and around your home that will really make an impact with a fresh coat of paint, such as cupboards and doors. You can also repaint the fence around your property and go bold with a new front door color to increase your curb-appeal.

Freshen Up Your Yard

Don’t forget about exterior projects when making your old house look more modern. If your yard has been left to do its own thing for a long period of time, it probably needs some TLC. 

Start by pulling out the weeds from your front and back yard as well as from the sidewalk in front of your home. You should also cut back hedges, trees, and creepers. Remove any dead plants or junk. To make your garden look extra fresh, replenish the mulch and keep your lawn in check. 

Couple making DIY home updates in yard

More Ambitious DIY Home Updates

Ready to invest more time and money into modernizing your home? Take a look at these tips for the ultimate makeover for your older home.

Create a Cohesive Decor

After years of being updated here and there, older homes can end up looking a little mis-matched. The best way to make an old house more modern is to opt for one simple decor style. That means you should remove the wallpaper that has become dated, damaged, and dirty, and choose a new color palette.

Not sure how you want to redecorate your home? Take our quiz to discover the right interior design style for you and your home!

Redo Your Floors

Just like your walls and decor, your flooring should also be consistent throughout your home if you want to make your old house more modern. Consider removing all of your carpets and updating your floors to match (with the exception of the bathroom, of course). Contemporary interior designs favor hardwood flooring for its sleek, natural look. 

To incorporate some cozy texture into your rooms, add patterned area rugs or luscious sheepskin rugs. If you’re lucky enough to have hardwood floors already, be sure to refinish them for a fresh look.

Take On the Big Ones: The Kitchen and the Bathroom

The two rooms that usually need the most DIY home updates are the bathroom and the kitchen. They’re subjected to heavy daily usage, grime, and humidity, which means that hardware and decor can quickly deteriorate. If you have a larger budget, plenty of DIY experience, or the chance to get some professional help, improving these rooms is the best way to make your old house more modern.

DIY home updates to prioritize in an older bathroom include:

  • Installing a modern one-piece toilet
  • Replacing the bathroom vanity
  • Retiling the floors and walls

In some cases, you may want to recreate your bathroom from scratch with a new and more modern tub, shower, and basin.

When it comes to an older kitchen, focus on:

  • Updating old appliances
  • Installing a new sink (or even just the faucet)
  • Retiling the backsplash

These DIY home updates will give your kitchen a clean, fresh, and functional vibe that goes hand in hand with modern living.

Modern Southern Motion sectional

Invest in the Right Furniture

Once you’ve thoroughly updated your home, you’ll want to make sure your furniture fits with the new aesthetic. While you can give tables and wooden chairs a lick of stain, you may not be able to fix a lumpy, patterned couch so easily.

A new furniture group can make your old house look more modern and reinforce your interior design style. Top-quality furniture manufacturers combine the latest innovations and styles, which means a new sofa or recliner won’t just look better, it will also feel more comfortable. What’s more, if you choose furniture in stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics, you can keep them looking like new for longer!

See how the right furniture can take your home to the next level in our infographic.

With the new year in full swing, lots of people are looking for fresh new decor for their home. Whether it be a big undertaking like a dining table or a simple candle holder, there are so many creative ways to bring new life into your home! Take a look at these DIY home decor projects for inspiration to get you started!

DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY modern art

Modern Art Magic

When you think of modern art, big, flashing dollar signs start running through your mind and it seems like an impossible purchase. Well, it’s time to slash those dollar signs away because DIY modern art is here to the rescue.

For this DIY home decor project, you need supplies like plywood cut to the size and shape of your liking, a variety of spray paint colors, a downloadable pattern, and everyday tools like a straightedge, screws, and screwdriver. The end product will be a modern art piece that you can hang on the wall or place on your mantelpiece. While you can follow the step-by-step instructions, don’t be afraid to get creative and design an art piece that is unique to you and your personality!

DIY Wooden Ladder

Multi-Purpose Ladder

You can never have too many home decor items to use as hanging space. Take your hats and scarves to a new height with this DIY idea for the home that leaves you with a multi-purpose ladder. Who knew ladders could be so functional AND stylish? Reclaimed wood, spray paint, nut and bolts, and a saw are just a few of the supplies you’ll need to get the job done.

DIY Pendant Lights

Pretty Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the trendiest interior design styles this year and you can have them in under an hour with this DIY home decor project. Brighten up your kitchen countertops or your dining table by using a trio of nesting bowls that you already have (or can easily get hold of), as well as a nylon cord set, clear bulb, and tin snips. Believe it or not, these few items together make beautiful pendant lights that look store bought.

Bathroom Baskets

Need a place to store your towels and bathroom accessories? Don’t worry because the solution may be sitting right in front of you. Baskets usually sit on the floor, but this DIY home decor craft takes them to the walls. Simply use screw anchors and large screws to flip those containers sideways and attach them to the wall. Now, you have three or four enclosed shelves for your towels and washcloths. This example uses woven baskets, but the possibilities are endless.

Weathered Shutters for DIY Home Decor Project

Shutter Savvy

Old and weathered shutters don’t belong in the trash, they just need a new purpose in your home! In this DIY home decor project, four wood shutters make a beautiful rustic side table. Gather up four wood shutters of the same size, a piece of glass for the table top, 16 screws, paint, and eight art canvas stretchers to make this a reality in your home. For a newer, more refined look, you can also sand down and repaint the shutters a different color.

DIY Wood Accent Wall

Wood Wall

Get ready for a more challenging (but rewarding) DIY home decor project with this wood accent wall. Just like pendant lights, wood is another popular interior design trend right now. Using this natural material as an accent wall will add distinction and contrast to any room, but you need to make sure you follow the steps closely. Dimensions, placement of wood, and flatness of each piece are the most critical concerns you should nail down in this DIY craft. If you do, you’ll definitely have earned your DIY badge of honor.

DIY Dresser

Dressed Up Dresser

We all know IKEA sells affordable home decor, but sometimes that table or dresser needs a little something extra. Dressed Up Dresser takes an average dresser and adds character to it with new hardware, paint, and even wallpaper. There are a bunch of different patterns and colors you can choose from to make it fit seamlessly into your home’s interior design.

DIY Key Holder

Clever Key Holder

Our keys, the lifeline to getting our day started, somehow always end up getting misplaced. Luckily, the days of searching for your lost keys are staying in 2019 when you take on this DIY home decor craft. Buying or scrounging up a small wood slab is where you need to start. Seal it with polyurethane, grab hooks (however many you need for your keys), paint, stencils/stickers, a drill, and then you’re ready to start crafting up your key holder!

Kid Painting on White Wall

Easy Easel

The nightmare of having to scrub your child’s drawings off your walls ends right here. This wall-mounted easel is a genius way to preserve your precious walls while also showcasing your kids’ art pieces. Craft paper, wood, spray paint, and brackets are some of the supplies you need to start this DIY home decor project.

As we embrace the new year, it’s also time to embrace the pure splendidness of DIY home decor crafts that give our homes a breath of fresh air with little to no cost. Keep it easy or challenge yourself, but either way, incorporate these DIY ideas for the home to get a taste of unique decorating.

Once you’re done and looking to sit back and relax, Elevate Your Style with one of the comfortable sofas from our collection. Each piece will redefine the way you think about motion and works with any home decor!

Have you ever walked into someone’s home or looked through pictures in a magazine and thought “wow, all those colors look great together.” Sure, you might know some of your favorite colors or what matches, but developing a color palette is key to cohesive design.

Luckily, developing a living room color palette isn’t as hard as it sounds. By understanding some of the basics about color psychology, color theory, and knowing how to look at a color wheel, you can develop a color palette that’s perfect for your home.

Let’s look at what you need to know when designing the perfect color palette and how to do it.

Infographic explaining how to design a living room color palette

Basic Color Psychology

Before you get started designing your living room color palette, you should understand the basics of color psychology, or how different colors make you feel. Here are some common feelings associated with certain colors:

– Red – Red is exciting, energizing, aggressive, and passionate

– Orange – Orange is fun, happy, energetic, warm, and enthusiastic

– Yellow – Yellow is cheery, optimistic, fun, and happy

– Green – Green is refreshing, healing, and evokes feelings of generosity, hope, and success

– Blue Blue is healing, tranquil, peaceful, and calming

– Purple Purple is mysterious, enlightening, and luxurious

You can use these color emotions to decide how to decorate each room. For example, if you want your living room color palette to be calming and inviting, choose blue hues. If you want it to feel bright and cheery, oranges and yellows will do the trick.

Understanding Color Theory

Color theory is at the core of all interior design trends and you don’t need to be a professional to understand the basics. Let’s break it down:

– The color wheel consists of primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

– The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.

– The secondary colors are colors created when primary colors are mixed, including green (yellow and blue), orange (red and yellow), and purple (blue and red).

– The tertiary colors are colors made from primary and secondary colors, such as red-violet or blue-green. There are six on the color wheel.

– The color wheel is divided into warm colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) and cool colors (blues, greens, and purples)

Using the colors on the color wheel, you can make different hues, shades, tints, and tones.

– Hues are pure colors

– Shades are colors plus black

– Tints are colors plus white

– Tones are colors plus grey

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Living Room Color Palette

Once you understand the color wheel and how it’s organized, you can start to understand the different color schemes available. Some of the most common color schemes are:

– Monochromatic Variations in lightness and saturation of a single color

– Analogous Using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. One color will dominate, one color will support, and one color will accent

– Complementary Using colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel

– Triadic Using three colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel so that if you were to draw a line between the colors, it would make a triangle

– Square Using four colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel so that if you were to draw a line between the colors, it would make a square

Once you know which colors you want to use, complete your living room color palette with neutrals (black, white, grey, brown, tan, off-white, etc) to finish the look. Browns, tans, and off-whites make a color scheme warmer and blacks, whites, and grays can either be warm or cool, depending on the colors they’re paired with.

How to Create a Living Room Color Palette

So what does all this talk about color wheels have to do with your home? Once you understand the basics of color theory, you can make your own living room color palette to create a cohesive, beautiful style.

Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Choose a base color, such as blue.
  2. Combine shades, tones, and tints to create either a monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, or square color theme. For example, if you like the look of analogous color schemes, you’ll combine colors next to blue on the color wheel, such as greens or purples.
  3. Choose a complementary hue as an accent color. For example, if your base color is blue, the complementary color is orange.
  4. Add neutrals to either warm up or cool down your living room color palette. If your color scheme is analogous blues, brown, tan, or off-white will make it more warm and white, black, and grey will make it cooler.

Once you have your living room color palette, you can shop for interior design styles that match. You could choose a neutral tan or brown sofa, add some framed artwork that has your favorite shades and tints of blue, and experiment with subtle pops of orange to tie everything together.

Tools to Help You Create a Living Room Color Palette

Understanding the color wheel and color theory takes time and practice and these are just a few tips to get you started. If you’d like to learn more about color palettes and create your own living room color palette, check out these sites:

Adobe Color



If you’re looking for more interior design inspo, check out these bloggers, too! With a little bit of guidance, practice, and basic color theory understanding, you can make your living room look like something straight out of a magazine.

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is a lot of work. From hitting all of the holiday sales to crossing gifts off your list, Christmas shopping can get tiring. But, sometimes the best gift isn’t one that you’d find at the mall. Making your own gift is creative, caring, and can save you some money.

Here is a list of our favorite Christmas craft ideas for gifts!

House decorated for Christmas

Christmas Craft Ideas for the Home

Everyone loves receiving things for their homes and Christmas is the perfect time to make something special for your loved ones. Here are some fun and easy Christmas craft ideas for gifts for your friends and family members that love making their house a home:

Woman making a wreath


You can’t have a holiday craft list without wreaths! Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and make the perfect gift. For this wreath, all you need is a Weeping Willow wreath form made out of branches, some ornaments, some special accents, a hot glue gun, and a ribbon to hang your creation. Or, go all out with a wreath made out of real boughs and greenery. Here’s a list of 80 options!

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Some of the best Christmas craft ideas are decorations for the tree! And you don’t even have to be a crafting expert to create some super cute embroidery hoop ornaments. Instead of using traditional embroidery techniques, these ornaments are made by choosing a holiday-themed fabric, such as red plaid, and ironing on a festive vinyl sticker. You can get these stickers for as little as 99 cents, making this an affordable holiday decorating idea.

Filled glass ornament as place setting

Filled Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments are beautiful on their own, but they’re even prettier when they’re turned into a Christmas craft idea for a gift. You can fill these clear ornaments with anything from plants and paint, to mini jingle bells, ribbon, and spa products. Here’s a fun list of things to fill a clear glass ornament with. You can even base them off of your friend or family member’s interior design style! Make multiple and combine them in a gift set for the perfect crafty Christmas.

Napkin Bells

This craft is so simple but will elevate your loved ones’ Christmas table settings. Simply choose a set of beautiful linen napkins and sew miniature jingle bells on the corners. Or, you can make a festive jingle bell napkin ring using mini jingle bells and wire.

Mason jars as Christmas craft ideas for gifts

Other Christmas Craft Ideas for Gifts

In addition to making thoughtful and unique Christmas crafts for the home, you can also make gifts for everyone on your list. Here are few Christmas craft ideas for gifts that everyone will love:

Decorated Treat Jars

You can’t celebrate the holidays without plenty of treats and these cute decorated Mason Jars make the perfect little gift. Using some glitter paint, googly eyes, a hot glue gun and some creative accessories, you can easily make a reindeer, Santa, and snowman Mason Jar. Fill the jar with candy or other treats and give them to friends, coworkers, or anyone who deserves a little holiday cheer.

Holiday Character Candy Pots

Another great Christmas craft idea to do with kids is making these adorable holiday character candy pots. You’ll need some mini flower pots, acrylic paint, and fun accessories like googly eyes, pipe cleaner, felt, ribbon, and other embellishments. The link shared shows you how to make reindeer, snowmen, elves, and Santa but really, the sky’s the limit! These Christmas crafts make the perfect gifts for teachers, nannies, or family and friends. Everyone loves candy and bonus points that they’re so darn cute!

Crafty gift card holders

Creative Gift Card Holders

Sometimes, even after searching high and low for the perfect gift, you turn to the old classic – a gift card or cash. While you surely can’t go wrong with such a versatile choice, it’s fun to personalize it a bit more and make it feel more unique. There are countless gift card holder crafts out there, including this one made out of recycled toilet paper rolls (cute and environmentally-friendly!) and these ones made out of felt. If you don’t want to bust out your sewing machine, just grab the hot glue gun and adapt the instructions throughout.

Chalkboard Ornaments

These chalkboard ornaments are super easy, super cute, and serve as a meaningful memento throughout the years. All you need to do is buy some wood slices, black chalkboard paint, and chalkboard markers. If your wood slices don’t come with twine, tie a piece of twine on them to hang them from the tree. Paint each wood slice with chalkboard paint and give the kids a chalkboard marker to draw their masterpiece. Have them sign and date the back and you have yourself a simple Christmas craft idea for gifts for the whole family.

You don’t have to buy the latest gadget or a fancy gift to enjoy the Christmas season. Instead, try a new craft idea for the loved ones on your list. These meaningful gifts show that you care and will remind everyone of the wonderful season you spent together.

There’s nothing like watching an exciting game with all your friends, but watching it from the comfort of your own getaway is even better. From elaborate Man Caves to perfectly put-together She Shed interiors, our quiz will help you find the perfect decor style for your own space. Once you have your style nailed down, your Man Cave will rival some of the best! Take our quiz below to determine your dream Man Cave decor:

Man Caves, where men have their own space to relax, watch TV, and enjoy their hobbies, have been around for ages. But isn’t it time for the ladies to have a piece of the fun? She Sheds are all the rage and are the perfect way to design your own space. Whether you want to channel your inner zen or create a space to work from home and be productive, your She Shed is all yours.

Not sure where to start? Our infographic will outline some of the best She Shed interiors to kick start your creative juices. Here are some of our favorites:

1. TraditionalTraditional She Sheds combine comfort and classic styles. They have a little bit of everything and combine stylistic elements like mid century modern, cozy, and classic. Show off your personality with this unique style.

2. TranquilTranquil She Sheds are sanctuaries of solitude. Sure, you can invite guests over to your tiny space, but why would you want to when you have everything you need? Natural light, calming colors, and plenty of plants is the recipe for a day well spent.

3. ChicWhile you might not add pom poms, antique finds, and pastel colors in your main home, your chic She Shed can do just that. This space is every little girl’s dream and now it can be yours.

4. SimplisticIn a simplistic She Shed, less is more. We know that life gets stressful, so design a space where you can get away from it all. Whether this is your home office or just a clean reading nook, simplistic She Sheds are perfect for women who need to decompress.

5. CozyPicture the oversized recliner chair, the mahogany woods, and the darker paint colors and you have yourself a cozy She Shed. This space is perfect for curling up with a warm cup of tea (or tumbler of whiskey, we won’t judge).

Or, if none of the styles above strike your fancy, you can always make your own She Shed! Check out our infographic below for more design inspo, to learn some benefits of alone time in your space, and how Southern Motion is here to help.

She Shed Infographic

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People love to transform their homes into glittering winter wonderlands, spreading holiday cheer from the inside out. Magazine-worthy homes don extravagant wreaths, flourishing greenery, twinkling lights, and a crackling fire that accentuates a beautifully decorated mantle. But if you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year or the kids have some pretty pricey items on their gift list, spending a ton of money on holiday decorations might leave you feeling like a Grinch.

Collection of Materials for DIY Garland Decorating Ideas

Luckily, these ideas prove that keeping up with the Griswolds doesn’t have to be expensive. With these simple DIY holiday decorating ideas and crafting tips, your home will leave your family and guests feeling warm and jolly all season long!

DIY Garland Decorating Ideas

Garlands can make all the difference in your holiday decorations because they can be placed or hung almost anywhere in your home. Fresh garlands smell fantastic, but they can be pricey, especially since you have to buy them every year. Faux garlands will last you a few years, but they aren’t as personal and tend to collect dust. However, you can easily create adorable, custom-made garlands for your home from items you probably already have.

All you need is some yarn, thread, or hemp twine and that big bag of buttons you keep tucked away, and you’re ready to go! Simply cut your string the length you desire, thread the buttons through, and tie a knot on both ends of the string to keep the buttons from falling off. You can put as many or as few buttons on as you’d like, design a pattern or keep it random, and use them to decorate mantels, walls, staircase railings, or your tree for a cute, cottage holiday ambiance.

Take your garlands a step further by using strips of fabric, too! Whether you have scraps lying around at home or you plan on purchasing some inexpensive fabric to stick with a specific theme, using strips of fabric on your garland is an excellent way to customize your holiday decorations. You can incorporate the fabric strips with your buttons on one garland or make separate fabric garlands to intermingle with your button garlands. All you need to do is double knot the strips around your string; it’s so simple, you can enlist your family to help make as many garlands as your house can hold.

Making a DIY garland for the holidays is a fun craft everyone can enjoy, and can easily be done while drinking hot cocoa and watching your favorite holiday movie while cozy on the sofa as the fireplace roars. And if you’re eating popcorn with the movie, you can turn the leftovers into a popcorn garland.

DIY Christmas Garland Made of ButtonsSource: The Magic Onions

Make Your Own Centerpieces

It can be intimidating to make your own centerpiece for the holidays because it’s what accentuates the delicious holiday spread on the dining room table… everybody will see it! However, creating a beautiful centerpiece is actually much more attainable than it seems, especially with these easy holiday decorating ideas.

For a fun and whimsical centerpiece, you can make some colorful confetti Christmas trees with a few items from your local craft store. All you need are clear cones, confetti, clear spray adhesive, spray paint, and spray snow. Simply coat the inside of the cones with spray adhesive, sprinkle and roll confetti until it is evenly attached to the cone, spray paint the the exterior caps of the cone with spray paint, and top it off with some spray snow! This is perfect for a trendy setting.

Another stunning DIY centerpiece creation can be made by using wine glasses, a hot glue gun, colorful ornaments, candles, and a small plate. First, fill three or four wine glasses with a variety of ornaments and arrange them to how you’d like them to look for your centerpiece. Next, use your glue gun to put glue along the rim of the wine glasses and gently place the plate on top of the rims of the glasses. Wait a few minutes then carefully turn your centerpieces over so the plate is now the base. Place candles on the bottoms of the glasses and you instantly have a gorgeous candle centerpiece fit for a holiday feast! For a little extra pizzazz, you can even add glitter, ribbon, or foliage as you see fit.

DIY Holiday Decor Wine Glass CandelabraSource: YouTube – Tesco


If you’re not confident of your crafting skills or you simply don’t have the time to set aside to make these DIY holiday decorating ideas on your own, try outsourcing. Chances are, some of the people closest to you can whip up some whimsical decorations that you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have children in the family, nothing will make them prouder than you asking them to help out this holiday season. Simply set out a variety of pine cones, paints, and glitter and let them get messy. They’ll love the project, you’ll love the outcome, and you both will enjoy seeing the creations around the home. You can also purchase inexpensive, plain Styrofoam wreaths and colorful tinsel garlands and watch the kids work like little elves as they glue and spin the garlands around the Styrofoam rings to make an assortment of festive wreaths.

Everyone has that perfect Pinterest MacGyver friend who can whip up a fully-functioning, cookie-making Santa Claus out of a paperclip and an empty spray bottle. If your bestie is one of these holiday heroes, there’s a good chance he or she would be honored if you asked for some help with your decorating woes. Not to mention, it’s a great way to bond and create traditions together.

Whether you’re up for creating some holiday DIY projects yourself or you need to enlist in the help of loved ones, making holiday decorations on a budget isn’t just a penny-save… It’s also a chance to have one-of-a-kind items proudly displayed around your home that show your love and devotion for the holidays. Try your hand at these DIY holiday decorating ideas, and make the season merry and bright with your own creations.

When you want to remove yourself from the everyday stressors in life, there’s no better way to do this than to retreat back into your own personal man cave. The best man caves have a personalized touch and seek inspiration from all aspects of a man’s life. Similar to a wardrobe, this customizable haven is an opportunity to show off unique style and personality. As a result, the personalized sanctuaries can be both relaxing and fun. No matter if your space is large or small, boisterous or relaxing, or just for you and your friends, we have the inspiration for you.

Southern Motion highlights some of the coolest man cave items and furniture ideas to complete the look for your perfect man cave.

Best Man Caves for Families

Many men who have families can identify with the feelings of not having a space to truly call their own. A private space to find solace and relaxation can be the perfect solution to a hard day’s work. A man cave is a great way to create a space that is designated solely for male energy and interests. The best man caves for families incorporate the perfect marriage of privacy and inclusion because these male retreats can still accommodate the rest of the family. The best man caves for families have ample seating, so be sure to include a motion sofa or sectional for ultimate comfort. If you have little ones, be sure to choose a kid-friendly fabric like microfiber, stain-resistant fabric, or leather.

Man cave with roomy sectional to fit the whole family.

Source: Houzz – TRG Architects

Best Sports Themed Man Caves

Ever wondered where to put all of those old trophies and memorabilia you’ve collected throughout the years? Man caves can be a place to honor the achievements you’ve made. Whether it’s old jerseys or an collection of baseball cards, a man cave is a great space for you to put your old memories on a shelf (literally).

If you have a flexible budget, consider turning your empty room into a “sports bar”. From jerseys and sports memorabilia to TV screens and scoreboards, bring a sports bar to life in your home. Imagine one area of the room with a standing bar and bar stools to create a friendly and relaxed neighborhood bar feel. The other area of the room could be dedicated to a cozy hangout, the ideal spot to kick back and watch a game.

Sports themed man cave with memorabilia and multiple tv screens on the wall.

Source: Houzz – Sight and Sounds

Best Music Themed Man Caves

Not all man caves need to be centered around a sports room or home theater. The music lover will have his heart strings tugged by a room dedicated to his favorite instruments. Decorate the walls with album covers and posters that pay tribute to your favorite bands, or include a soundproof recording area where you can practice your favorite musical instrument (without disturbing the rest of the household!).

Best man cave for the music lover features rock and roll albums and state of the art musical equipment.

Source: – John Varvatos

Best Arcade Themed Man Caves

If you want to build a man cave focused on gaming and arcades, look to bold colors and bright lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Most man caves are designed to blend recreation and relaxation. To do this in your gaming-themed man cave, include plenty of comfortable seating and fun games like pinball, foosball, and arcade machines. The bigger the space, the better for this exciting man cave.

Man cave repurposed for the arcade game lover.

Source: HomeBNC

Best Casino Themed Man Caves

Are late night poker games calling your name? Bring the high rollers into your home and transform your space into a 24-hour casino. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated Monaco style or a more cost effective “Vegas” casino, be sure to include the most popular casino-based table games in your hideaway.

Office space transformed into late night poker room.

Source: SuburbanMen

Best Man Caves for Entertaining

It’s no secret that man caves are also popular spaces for entertaining. In-home theaters, pool tables, video games, and multiple TVs scream social get together. Add in a bar for good measure and you’ll soon be host to the year’s coolest party.

The special ingredients of a man cave meant for entertaining include a fridge stocked with beverages and snacks, ample seating, and a host that’s ready to party!

Man cave with kitchen and ample seating, suitable for entertaining.

Source: HomeBNC

Best Man Caves for a Small Room

Are you under the common misconception that you can’t have a man cave if you only have a small space? Not everyone has the space to create a massive man cave, but small spaces work just as well when crafting your own area.

Second to selecting a style and theme that suits you, the most challenging small space design hurdle is choosing the appropriate furniture. When searching for furniture for small spaces, it’s important to maximize the space that you can by using pieces that have multiple purposes. Opting for a wall-hugger recliner can provide you the comfort you desire within the limited space you have to work with. Choosing to hang your flat screen television can also alleviate the need for a TV stand. Also, keep in mind design tips for small spaces like “less is more” and using light colors to make small rooms appear larger.

Small sized pool table, perfect for a small man cave with limited space.

Source: Houzz – T-Space

No matter how you design your perfect man cave, the three major things to include are maximum comfort, optimal functionality, and impressive aesthetics. All you need is a little personality (and possibly an interior designer) to create the right space for you. To help get the process started, discover what your man cave decor style is by taking our quiz!