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Basic Tips for Settling Into a New Home

Whether you’re moving to a new city nearby or traveling across the country, relocation requires a lot of time and energy. By the time you unpack all of your belongings, you’re going to want to settle into your new home as soon as possible. From cool home improvement ideas to getting to learn your new town, prepare yourself for the big move with these helpful tips!

Cover the Essentials

After you move to a new city, you want to make sure you have all of the necessities in order before you start getting too comfortable. Follow this to-do list to ensure you avoid inconveniences as you acclimate to your new neighborhood. 

The DMV 

The last thing you want when you first move to a new town is to deal with expensive fines or penalties. As soon as you get a spare hour or two, find the nearest DMV so that you can update your driver’s license, registration, and license plates. 

Basic Utilities 

Shortly after you arrive in your new town, take time to research the local resources in your area. Connect with utility companies to get your electricity, water, gas, and internet up and running. 

State-Specific Costs 

Consider yourself lucky if you move to a new city within the same state! If you relocate out of state, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the state-specific costs you’ll need to pay. Get a plan together for how you will pay state taxes, including sales, property, and income tax. 

Change of address form

Address Updates

Settling into a new home also means you have to go through the tedious process of changing your address for just about everything. Consult with your banks, creditors, post office, subscription companies, and any other relevant institutions that need your most current address. 

Start Making Improvements

Once you get all of the fundamentals taken care of like getting your new driver’s license and changing your address, it’s time to focus on home sweet home! Consider these cool home improvement ideas that are simple, yet go a long way.

Lawn Care 

What better way to amplify your home’s curb appeal than with a fresh, green lawn? Hire a lawn care service to spruce up and maintain your landscaping. 


Set the tone of your home right at the front door! Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, put up new house numbers, and think of any other ways you can make your property’s exterior more appealing. A welcome sign and evergreen wreath will add that warm touch of charm too!

Interior Updates

Does your space have a couple outdated elements like old wallpaper or popcorn ceilings? Whether you tackle the work yourself or hire professionals, try to renovate these areas at a pace that works for you.

As you walk through your space and make a list of projects, consider cool home improvement ideas such as restoring old paint jobs, refinishing hardwood floors, and replacing toilet seats.

 Southern Motion living room furniture


A house isn’t a home without comfortable, stylish furniture! Along with any pieces you brought during your move, invest in a few quality furnishings that complement your new space. 

Southern Motion offers a wide variety of reclining sofas, sectionals, and chairs that come in hundreds of fabrics and colors. From the heat therapy and massage features of the SoCozi™ collection to the innovative technology of Zero Gravity, you’re guaranteed to find motion furniture fit for your lifestyle.

Learn Your Town

After gaining some traction on cool home improvement ideas and projects, set aside some free time to see what your new city has to offer! Here are some helpful ways to settle into your new hometown.

Get Social

One of the best ways to settle into a new home and city is by getting to know your neighbors and fellow residents. Not only can neighbors be a great resource for learning about your town, they can also turn into meaningful friends! 

Go big and throw a housewarming party, take a walk around the neighborhood, or talk to residents to get a feel for local events, historic sites, and other attractions your new city offers. Find ways to be social and you won’t regret it!

Explore the Area

Hop in the car and take a drive through your new city to explore all of the restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls at your disposal. If you don’t have a car, you can always do some research beforehand and use public transportation options like trolleys and subways.

In addition to exploring your town to find recreational shops and restaurants, you’ll also want to research fitness centers, medical facilities, pharmacies, and other essential establishments.

Moving to a new city is rarely easy, but if you prepare beforehand and take steps to settle in after you arrive, you can make the process go more smoothly. As you get ready to relocate, learn about packing tips for moving.

Have you ever sat back and taken in the beautiful sight in front of you after you’ve cleaned and decorated your house? There’s a sense of pride you often feel after you’ve tidied up your home, which makes the effort that much more worth it. 

From entertaining guests to personally enjoying time in your own space, there’s many reasons why it’s good to know how to organize your home and keep it clean. Add to your bag of tricks by learning some more quick cleaning tips and home organization hacks you can use throughout the year!


How to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

Winter is the most magical time of year. The cozy nights and crisp days offer the perfect opportunity to check that your home is in tip-top shape and ready for the colder months. Take a look at these home maintenance tips to find out how you can maintain and prepare your home for the New Year.

Home Maintenance Winter Checklist

Add Floor Mats to Entryways

During the wet winter season, the entrance to your home is often covered in piles of thick coats and wet shoes. As well as giving you more mess to clean up, mud, ice, and salt from your winter clothes is bad news for your floors. Instead of letting your floors get damaged, invest in floor mats for your entryway. Place one mat inside and one mat outside for the best results.

Look for Air Leaks

If you’re feeling a draft, a key home maintenance tip you should follow is finding and fixing any air leaks in your home. Drafts can make your home feel less comfortable and they’ll also make your heating less efficient, costing you extra money.

Pay close attention to windows and doors. You can fill these gaps with caulk and weather-stripping. Got a crack in a foundational wall or around faucets and air vents? Be sure to seal these cracks, as they may be letting in air. If you’re still feeling cold, you can also look into improving the insulation in your home.

Preparing home for winter by donating clothes

What to Purge and Update During Winter 

Some items in the home need to be maintained over the winter months, but other things should go all together! The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on what you really need in life and cut down on the clutter. Prepare your home for winter by refreshing these commonly forgotten items.

Old Winter Clothes

We’ve all got that drawer of odd gloves and ragged scarves we’ve kept over the years. You may even have a box or closet filled with moth-eaten jackets. 

Our winter tip is to go through all your old winter clothes. You may find some great items that you’d simply forgotten about and can start wearing again. You will probably also find a lot of items you no longer want. These clothes should go to charity and not back in the attic where they aren’t keeping anyone warm.

Outdated Furniture

Nothing prepares a home for winter like a fresh new interior. We spend more time indoors during these months, so why not create a space where you can relax and unwind? If your furniture is sagging, stained, and out of style, you might want to consider updating it for something more comfortable.

Donating furniture that no longer fits your lifestyle is a great way to support the less fortunate. Check with your chosen organization to make sure your furniture is in an acceptable condition, although oftentimes the pieces can be reused in some way.

Want more inspiration for your New Year’s makeover? Head to our blog to see more home maintenance tips!

Home cleaning products in living room

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Refresh Your Home

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, a clean home will feel even better. Here are some quick cleaning tips and tricks that are sure to refresh your home and make sure you have the ultimate spring cleaning experience. 

Take a Close Look at the Kitchen

When cooking on your stove top, grease, food, and grime can build up, which makes your cooking space less hygienic. For safe food preparation and to prevent contamination, it’s important to clean your stove top regularly and to do a seriously deep clean from time to time. Depending on what type of stove top your kitchen has, you might have to clean it a little bit differently. Read the directions on your cleaning products and get scrubbing! 

Brighten Up the Bathroom

Using a gentle (but sturdy enough) brush, scrub the floors and walls of your bath and shower space. If you have tiles in your shower, make sure you’re getting into the grout to clean even the little spaces. Rinse off cleaning products with water or a wet towel to avoid residue. If you have a shower curtain, check the cleaning instructions to see if you can throw it in the washing machine. If not, you may want to replace it as you’re spring cleaning the house.

Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Your closet can always use some good organizing. Go through what you’ve got hanging and folded in drawers, and reorganize if need be. If you have clothes you no longer wear or need, consider donating them or recycling them.

These few ideas only touch the surface of how to organize your home during a spring cleaning! If you’d like more quick cleaning tips, read through our blog post.

Person cleaning sofa stain

Your Furniture Stain Removal Guide

Noticed a dirty mark on your favorite piece of furniture? Never fear. These quick cleaning tips will help you take the correct course of action when you spot a stain, no matter what type of fabric you have in your home. 


Microfiber is known for being durable. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up with some stains on your favorite pieces over the years. This type of upholstery is relatively easy to clean but microfiber blends vary, so double-check the fabric tag to ensure the correct cleaning approach. Generally speaking, the most effective way to remove stains from your microfiber furniture is with a few items you probably have around your home.

Stain Removal Techniques:

  1. Use a clean cloth to blot the area and lift out any loose dirt.
  2. Spray the stain with distilled water and scrub with a light-colored sponge until dry.
  3. Brush the area in a circular motion with a dry brush to re-fluff the microfibers in that spot.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic upholstery includes polyester, olefin, acetate, acrylic, and nylon. These materials are often used to imitate the qualities of natural fibers for a more cost-effective piece of furniture. Given the variety of synthetic fibers, you should always check the fabric tag and care labels on your furniture. Your cleaning method should be safe and simple.

Stain Removal Techniques:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment to remove debris from the area.
  2. Brush the stain with a dry brush to remove more stubborn debris.
  3. Add mild detergent to warm water and spot test the solution on an unseen part of the furniture.
  4. If the detergent does not damage the material, use it to wet a clean cloth and dab the stain.

Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen are both natural fabrics that you may be able to treat in the same way. Check the cleaning instructions, especially for linen furniture covers, as they may require professional cleaning or even be machine-washable. If there are no specific instructions, try this suggestion for removing stains from your cotton or linen furniture.

Stain Removal Techniques:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment to remove dust and debris.
  2. Add a small amount of mild detergent to warm water and spot test on your furniture.
  3. If the solution doesn’t damage the fabric, wet a soft cloth and dab the stain.

Don’t see your furniture fabric above? From wool to leather and vinyl, visit our complete blog to learn more stain removal techniques!

Declutter letters

The Ultimate Living Room Decluttering List

The living room is one of the most important areas of the home to clean out and organize, but sometimes it can be tough to know where to start decluttering. Get help with this simple living room decluttering list with tips for keeping an uncluttered living room the whole year round.

Take Care of Tech Accessories

First go through items like TV remotes, earbuds and headphones, video game controllers, charging cords, and any other accessories and make sure they are in good working order. For an uncluttered living room, try these creative storage tips for all the items you want to keep:

  • Store remotes upright in a decorative pencil cup, wide-mouthed vase, or jar
  • Use end tables with storage drawers to corral tech and accessories when not in use
  • Place decorative lidded storage bins on top on entertainment centers or end tables to house tech gear in style
  • Create hidden DIY pockets or panels with durable fabric pieces and Velcro strips on your furniture
  • Consider investing in a wireless charging station to cut cord clutter

Decluttering Papers and Mail

Papers and mail can be a source of living room clutter, especially if you don’t have a designated home office. Create areas to keep paper and mail contained, so they don’t create clutter. This could be as simple as a storage drawer with a divider for incoming and outgoing mail, or a hanging mail organizer. 

For families, use standing files or desk organizers and designate a place for each family member’s papers. A corkboard or magnetic whiteboard are other simple solutions for how to organize your home.

Taming Toys

Toys can take over the living room for families with young children. To keep the area clean and clutter-free, first go through your children’s toys and determine which can be tossed or donated. 

Once the collection is pared down, choose one small decorative bin or basket for the living room that kids can keep favorite toys in, and then store the rest of their toys in their rooms or playrooms. Cube shelving or storage is another smart solution — just use cloth bins or woven baskets to keep the toys out of sight.

There’s much more to read within our ultimate decluttering list! Discover more home organization ideas for small spaces and large spaces here!

Woman organizing home during summer

Keep Your Home Clean & Organized Over Summer Break

Summer break offers a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your family and enjoy all that the warm weather brings, but it also means that regular routines go out the window. If you’re already tired of cleaning up after everyone, we’re here to help. With a few quick cleaning tips and tricks, you can learn how to organize your home and relax all summer long.

Set Up a Simple Daily Cleaning Schedule

If you’re looking for ideas on how to keep your home clean and organized during summer, start by dividing up chores between your family members. Make a simple chart with daily tasks and enlist the help of the kids. They can help with watering the garden, sweeping the porch or patio, or folding beach towels. 

To make the chores less mundane, set a timer so the kids can try to beat the clock to get the job done. At the end of the week, consider a special treat like an ice cream outing to reward the whole family.

Create Beach Bags for Each Member of the Family

Going out for a swim often leaves the house cluttered with all the beach or pool paraphernalia. One secret to keeping a clean house in the summer is to have these items organized in advance. Consider making up a beach or pool bag for each member of the family. 

Stock each bag with a towel, sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses, sun hat, and a water bottle. Have a rule that each person is responsible for grabbing their own bag when it’s time to go — and for taking care of it when returning. It doesn’t take long for kids to hang up their swimsuit and towel and rinse out their water bottles. Hang temporary hooks in the entryway for each person’s bag to make it a breeze to keep things organized.

Create an Area to Organize Summer Games

One of the best secrets to keeping a clean house is to have a home for everything, so designate areas for all your summer yard games — and make sure your family puts them back after every use. 

Hang sturdy hooks on the wall of your garage or mudroom for items like baseball bags and tennis rackets. Use old laundry baskets, hampers, or storage bins to house items like balls, Frisbees, and squirt guns. Have pets? Set up a small area for Fido’s outdoor toys near the family sports and game gear, too.

Keep adding to your summer organization list by visiting our blog for more tips!

Sofa arrangement in living room

Your Guide to Arranging Two Sofas in Your Living Room

Whether you’re having a dinner party, Christmas celebration, or game night, you’ll often find yourself relaxing in the living room at the end of the night. Long conversations and sweet memories are made in this room, so it only makes sense that you’d want to have plenty of seating for family and friends — and sometimes, one sofa just doesn’t cut it. 

Before you bust out your spare dining chairs, consider incorporating two sofas in your living room and check out these seating arrangement options!

Two Sofas Facing Each Other

Arrangement Highlights:

  • Best for entertaining and formal conversation
  • Works well in large open floor plans, narrow rooms, and square or rectangular spaces
  • Creates a symmetrical design

Two Sofas at a Right Angle 

Arrangement Highlights:

  • Best for casual lounging and media rooms
  • Works well in larger living rooms with plenty of space
  • Creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere 

Two Sofas at a Wide Angle

Arrangement Highlights:

  • Best for casual lounging and entertaining large parties
  • Works well in large, open-concept living rooms, especially those with an irregular shape
  • Creates a comfortable, wide open space

After you’ve established which arrangement is best for two sofas in your living room, it’s time to decide on sofa designs and color combinations. Follow our guide to make sure you pick the best options!

Small living room

Ways to Maximize Living Space in a Small Home

Having a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy style and functionality in the heart of your home. With the right approach to small living room layouts and furnishings, you can create a space where you love spending time with friends and family. Here’s home organization ideas for small spaces that can help you achieve your dream living room setup.

Make Use of All the Space

There are a few small living room layout ideas to keep in mind when organizing a small space, starting with the furnishings. Don’t push furniture up against the walls, which can emphasize the limited space. Even with a small living room layout, you should have a few inches to spare so you can float your furniture away from the walls.

As well as keeping furniture from in front of any windows, you can simplify window treatments to let in as much light as possible. Getting plenty of natural light in the room can give the impression of more space. While the square footage of your living room floor may be limited, you may be lucky enough to have high ceilings. Use lots of shelves to remove storage and organizational items from the floor and show off the unique space!

Opt for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a game changer when it comes to home organization ideas for small spaces. This type of furniture can help you get everything you need into a small living room layout without cluttering the room. You can choose pieces with built-in storage, such as ottomans. Ottomans can also be used as coffee tables, extra seating, and foot rests quickly, easily, and stylishly. If your living room doubles as your spare room when your relatives are in town, you can even consider adding a daybed to the space for a practical and playful addition. 

Switch Out a Furniture Set for a Sectional

A sectional may be a large piece of furniture, but with just that one piece, you can seat all your friends and family in a small living space. A stylish sectional can also work as a statement piece while offering a cozy seating option.

Choose Furniture with Small Dimensions

You can also choose small living room furniture as a home organization idea for small spaces. Antiques are a great option for small living room layouts, as they come from time periods when rooms were typically smaller. Swap one large coffee table for a few small antique coffee tables or choose lower furniture to create the illusion of higher ceilings — and more space —in your home.

For a comprehensive guide to maximizing space in your small home, check out our blog post!

Organizing and cleaning your home is quite a labor intensive task, but with these quick cleaning tips and tricks, you should have all of the necessary tools to get the job done well! Once your home is beautiful and tidy, consider upgrading your furniture with Southern Motion reclining furniture.

From stress at work to the physical demands of daily life, being an adult is tough! After you’ve put in hours of work at your job, taking care of the kids, and grocery shopping, it’s the most rewarding experience to come home and relax in your living room. Rather than settle on your average sofa, think about investing in living room recliners

Living room recliners have been around for years and are a staple furniture item in many homes across America. Not only are they comfortable as can be, recliners have a variety of medical benefits as well. Read on to learn about how motion furniture can improve your health and quality of life!

Benefits of Living Room Recliners

1. Increased Mobility

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mobility issues impact 1 in 7 adults. Having limited mobility can be discouraging, but the best reclining furniture can help ease your discomfort while at home.

Southern Motion lift recliners are the perfect option if you struggle with mobility issues. With the touch of a button, your lift recliner can go from flat on the floor to a 35-degree angle to help lift you out of the chair and into a standing position. This provides a safer and more secure way to move without putting any undue stress on your back or joints. Not only will transferring in and out of your chair be easier, you’ll feel much more empowered and independent being able to handle the task without assistance from loved ones.

Man relaxing in most comfortable living room chair

2. Better Circulation

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your legs and joints? Gravity affects blood flow and when your weight isn’t evenly distributed, your joints are affected. Because of this, it’s important to choose the most comfortable living room chairs and sofas that improve your circulation and increase blood flow. Motion furniture, particularly Southern Motion’s Zero Gravity collection, are designed to solve this problem.

Our Zero Gravity chairs work by evenly distributing your bodyweight, reducing the stress on different areas of your body. This helps to optimize blood circulation and give you the ideal angle for relaxation.

3. Lumbar Support

As you decide on the best reclining furniture for your needs, don’t overlook therapeutic lumbar support as a key feature. It’s important to choose chairs with lumbar support because they have the potential to reduce back pain. Along with these benefits, therapeutic lumbar support can aid in:

  • Proper spinal cord alignment
  • Promotion of proper posture
  • Reduction for risk of injury

Best lounging chair in living room

4. Pain Relief

If you suffer from back or neck pain, living room recliners may be a natural remedy you can use right at home. Heat therapy and massage features (like those found in Southern Motion’s SoCozi™ collection) work to revitalize your body and eliminate any pressure points.

In addition to heat therapy and massage features, recliner chairs can reduce body pain or aches through weight distribution. As a recliner evenly distributes your weight, it increases blood flow. This eases any pain and prevents swollen, stiff joints.

5. Stress Relief

Lastly, the ultimate benefit from having a recliner is the way it reduces stress. There are three different types of stress: emotional, mental, and physical. Each type of stress affects the body and causes significant tension. Your body needs relief from these stressors, which is where recliners come in. 

The best reclining furniture relaxes both your mind and body through features made for your comfort and ease. Deep tissue air massage, power reclining, and lumbar support are just a few of the features that can work to renew your health and lower your stress levels.

Recliners have been around for ages and now you know why! With multiple health benefits and unbeatable comfort, living room recliners are made for much more than Dad’s Sunday night football games. Whether you’re simply looking for a chair you can melt into at the end of the day, or need something to improve your circulation, take a look at Southern Motion’s recliners that fit all of your furniture needs.

What better way to wrap up the holiday season than with a New Year’s Eve party? Impress your guests with a home full of glitz and glam by creating your very own party accessories like balloon wall displays and sparkly garlands. Get a jump start on your party prep with these DIY New Year’s Eve decorations

1. Bubbly Spheres

Take to the ceiling for this cheap New Year’s decoration! All you need to make these hanging spheres is foam balls and baking cups. Whether you choose a white and gray color scheme or keep it classic with gold and black, your guests are sure to pay you compliments as soon as they see these dazzling orbs.

2. Party Horn Garlands

Garlands aren’t just for Christmas! Put a unique twist on party horns by stringing them into a garland for display rather than play. You can hang your garland from the ceiling, use it for table decor, or simply fashion it on the wall with other accessories. 

Make sure your party horns tie in metallic colors so they’re shiny and eye-catching!

2022 balloons for New Year’s

3. Metallic Balloons 

When it comes to party decorations, the simplest ideas can be the best ones. Head to the store and buy a large bundle of metallic-colored balloons to disperse throughout the main room of your party. Gold and silver are ideal, but don’t hesitate to branch out with other color themes.

For an extra touch of fun, glue pom poms to the bottom of each balloon and add colorful dot stickers on the balloon itself. 

4. Glittery Champagne Bottles

It doesn’t get much simpler than champagne bottles coated in glitter. This DIY New Year’s decoration is great for last minute parties because it can be done in a flash. As an alternative to champagne, use apple cider bottles instead. 

5. Sequined Star Stirrers

Every party needs drinks, which makes these sequined star stirrers a hit with guests! DIY New Year’s decorations are all about sparkle and these stirring sticks certainly don’t disappoint.

6. Painted Stemware

While plain champagne glasses are elegant, it’s nice to bring them to life for special occasions like New Year’s. For this DIY New Year’s Eve decoration, mimic the bubbliness of champagne by painting metallic dots onto your stemware. Start off by painting them close together at the stem while gradually spacing them out as you work your way up. 

String lights for DIY New Year’s decoration

7. Glowing String Lights 

Give your home a warm glow with the help of twinkly string lights. While these can be displayed anywhere (window, dining table, countertops), string lights look especially festive framed around mirrors. Buy string lights in the shape of stars to perfectly match the holiday motif. 

8. Noisemaker Centerpiece

Have any leftover noisemakers? Put them to good use in a DIY New Year’s centerpiece. A bowl of candy, gold and silver pipe cleaners, wooden skewers, and hologram paper are among the few supplies you need to complete this craft. While you can use any candy you’d like, Hershey’s kisses look the best with their metallic wrapping. 

9. Giant Wall Confetti

Who said confetti is only meant popping? Bring splashes of color to your celebration with giant wall confetti. The best part about this DIY New Year’s Eve decoration is that it’s easy to make. Gather different colored paper, a circle template, scissors, and Blu Tack to transform your ordinary walls into a fun focal point.

10. Moon Piñata

Piñatas aren’t just for kids! Create a DIY moon piñata for your party. Hang it from your ceiling and complete the nighttime ensemble by surrounding it with golden stars. 

For a good laugh, you can always fill it with party favors or candy and have your guests break it open at the end of the night.

Guests posing in front of metallic fringe backdrop

11. Metallic Fringe Backdrop

Party guests go wild over photo booths, so why not create your own? All you need for this cheap New Year’s decoration is a metallic fringe backdrop, a couple fun props, and guests ready to pose!

12. Tinsel-Wrapped Numbers

Your New Year’s extravaganza isn’t complete without big, sparkly numbers representing the upcoming year. Try tinsel-wrapped cardboard in gold, silver, black, or whatever colors you’d like. Showcase your dazzling display where everyone will be gathered at the stroke of midnight, and the photos are sure to be epic!

13. Balloon Wall Display

Take your balloon decor to the next level with a spectacular wall display. While there are plenty of professionals you can hire for the job, creating a beautiful balloon display can easily be done yourself. Make a balloon arch for your photo booth or create a brilliant backdrop for your horderves table—the options are endless. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with ideas, you can find lots of inspiration for this DIY New Year’s decoration online.

Origami stars for New Year’s decoration

14. Origami Paper Stars

If you’re a fan of origami, this craft is made for you! Stars are an iconic motif of New Year’s, so it’s no surprise that they make for adorable decorations. 

Because of their sturdiness, brown paper bags from the grocery store work great for these origami stars. Top them off with metallic-colored paint and sequins that give them just the right amount of shimmer.

15. Golden Bow Tie Garland

The best DIY New Year’s decorations can be made with everyday household items. For this project, use bow tie pasta to string together a one-of-a-kind garland. Coat your bow ties in glitter and use sparkly twine or string to bring it all together.

With the help of these simple party decor ideas, your New Year’s celebration is sure to be one for the memory books! After the dust settles and the holidays come to an end, learn how to prepare your home for the new year with DIY projects, home maintenance tips, and more. 

While it’s tempting to purchase the prettiest sofa you see online, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be satisfied with that product long term. From style and material to functionality, there are many key factors to consider when it comes to buying a new sofa. Avoid common buyer mistakes and learn how to choose the right sofa by following these tips! 

1. Take Your Measurements

There’s no point in falling in love with gorgeous furniture that won’t fit in your living room! Before you begin your search, take measurements of your space and be sure to write them down for future reference. 

Along with measuring the spot where your sofa will sit, it’s crucial to measure entryways, walkways, door frames, and other clearances. This will ensure that you don’t have any problems transporting the furniture throughout your home.

2. Factor in Your Lifestyle

One of the most common mistakes you can make when buying a new sofa is not considering your lifestyle. A couple that has no pets or children, for example, will have much different needs than a family with two toddlers and a dog.

Think about how your sofa or sectional will be used on a daily basis and ask yourself questions like these:

  • How much wear-and-tear will my sofa be exposed to?
  • How many people will it need to seat day-to-day?
  • Is my primary concern comfort and functionality or style and design?

Living room sectional

3. Think About Sofa Orientation

If you’re wondering what to consider when buying a new sofa, be sure to add “sofa orientation” to your list. Furniture arrangement is just as crucial as measuring your space, particularly in smaller homes with less room for experimentation. 

Think about appearance (from every angle), available space, and how those two work in conjunction with your sofa. For a little more guidance, here are a few questions that will help you narrow down your search:

  • What parts of the sofa or sectional will be on display?
  • Does your sectional need to be right arm facing or left arm facing?
  • Will a symmetrical sectional fit in your space?
  • Will your furniture be tucked against a wall, in a corner, or out in the center of the room?

4. Be Strategic with Your Material Choice

Most often, retailers will offer a wide variety of material options for each of their sofas or sectionals. Use this to your advantage by choosing a fabric that is right for your needs. Do your research beforehand and think about your lifestyle as you come to a decision. 

If you have children and pets, you may want to lean more towards performance fabrics like leather and other materials made from synthetic fibers. These are great options if you’re focused on durability and stain resistance.

Linen, wool blends, damask, and velvet are a few other popular fabrics to research.

Southern Motion sofa set

5. Test for Comfortability

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. As you shop around, take the time to test the comfortability of each product to make sure they’re as cozy as they are beautiful. From the cushions to the reclining features, don’t be embarrassed to try out every function as if you’re at home!

Sofas like Southern Motion’s Wonderwall and Colton are fantastic examples of the balance between innovative functionality and comfort. Our collections infuse luxurious, plush cushions with top-of-the-line features like wireless charging, heated massage, and motion.

6. Stick to Your Color Palette

Your living room furniture should incorporate your home’s overall color palette to ensure cohesion within your space. When buying a new sofa, have in mind complementary shades that work well in your home. If you currently have a more neutral or monochromatic color scheme, this might be an opportunity to tie in an accent color.

7. Complement Your Design Style

Design style is a major factor when thinking about how to choose the right sofa. Each interior design theme—farmhouse, contemporary, traditional—is marked by specific furniture features. Traditional sofas tend to be distinguished by their ornamentation, dark wood, and luxe upholstery. Contemporary furniture is marked by its geometric shapes and simplicity.

Know your home’s interior design style and complement it with seating that infuses key design elements. This will elevate your space and prevent your sofa from looking out of place.

Now that you know what to consider when buying a new sofa, you should feel confident and excited to start your search! If motion furniture is on your list of wants, browse through the various collections that Southern Motion has to offer.

What’s one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit? Decorating your home, of course! Say goodbye to fall and hello to the Christmas season with these simple holiday decorating ideas that transform every part of your home into a winter wonderland!

Living Room

Throw Pillows

Swapping out your ordinary throw pillows for holiday-themed ones is a simple holiday decorating idea you can’t pass up! For a bold transformation, choose a few solid-colored pillows in seasonal shades like red, white, green, or gold and pair them with pillows that have designs. From holiday quotes to Christmas motifs like Santa Claus, the combination of holiday colors and designs will give your sofa a brand new look.

Advent Calendar

As you think about how to decorate your living room for Christmas, consider including the classic advent calendar. Not only is this a cute addition to your holiday home, it’s a blast for the kiddos as they count down the days until Christmas. To save money, you can even turn this simple holiday decorating idea into a cool DIY project to get the whole family involved.

Christmas display in living room

Christmas Display

Whether you choose your coffee table, entertainment stand, or console table, pick a space in your living room to display a fun and festive Christmas scene. From wooden figurines to colorful ceramics, there are hundreds of holiday displays to complement your home’s Christmas theme.

Gift Wrapped Books

Need a budget-friendly holiday decor idea? Gift wrapped books are an easy and affordable way to bring cheerful decor to your home during the holiday season. Use leftover wrapping paper to spruce up any books you already have sitting in your bookcase and add a few bows for a bit more sparkle.


Mini Tabletop Tree

Who said you can only have one tree during the holidays? Welcome guests into your home with entryway Christmas decor like a mini tabletop tree. Opt for one standout tree or a collection of mini Christmas trees that create a dazzling winter wonderland scene.

Pretty Presents

Take advantage of any unused space on your stairs by arranging wrapped presents in decorative groupings. Not only will it give your staircase a pop of color, it will free up room under the tree for more presents!

Entryway Christmas decor with holiday wreath

Lined Staircase

The staircase is a perfect place to arrange your entryway Christmas decor. For a timeless look, line your banister with garlands. You can adorn the garlands with faux poinsettias and for bonus points, weave in twinkling lights too.

Eye-Catching Vignette

From holiday signs and figurines to tinsel and Christmas cards, use a variety of decor to create a well-balanced vignette in your entryway. Your foyer table makes a great display area for your arrangement, as well as any benches or chairs.


Wintry Windows

As you’re preparing Christmas dinner and drinks for your holiday gatherings, it’s nice to have a pretty view to look at. Give your windows the makeover they need by hanging seasonal wreaths, garlands, and other decor like ornaments. 

Festive Florals

Make room for gorgeous floral arrangements in seasonal shades of red, white, and green to bring this Christmas kitchen idea to life! Poinsettias, holly, roses, and pine cones are popular selections for holiday arrangements, but feel free to weave in other greenery that matches your color scheme. To top it off, you can surround your florals with all-white candles for a traditional touch.

Christmas kitchen idea with stockings and wreaths

Holiday Kitchen Essentials

It’s time to bust out your holiday kitchenware! For this Christmas kitchen idea, switch out your most used supplies and countertop decor to include festive alternatives. Holiday hand towels, pot holders, and soap dispensers are simple and affordable items to replace your everyday kitchenware.

Cute Kitchen Mat

Whether you’re a fan of kitchen mats or not, they’re undeniably one of the cutest and simplest ways to enhance your space during Christmas. Keep it classic with depictions of Santa and his reindeer or go for a more refined design with seasonal colors.

Dining Room

Striking Ornaments

As you lay out your table runner, greenery, and other decor, consider tossing in a few sparkling ornaments to complete your dining table ensemble. If you happen to have any leftover glass ball ornaments from your tree, nestle them into strands of garland for a vibrant addition.

Christmas decorating idea for dining room

Warm Candles

The holiday season is all about warmth and coziness, which is why candles are a go-to Christmas decorating idea for your dining room. Create an extravagant display with golden candle holders and tapered candles or opt for a more casual design with candle lanterns.

Seasonal Seat Cushions

Seat cushions are a win-win when it comes to Christmas decorating ideas for your dining room. Seat cushions provide an extra layer of festive flair, as well as ensure the comfort of you and your guests. 

If you want to get more use out of them, try to buy cushions that complement your everyday decor. This will make it easier to keep the cushions once the holidays are over.

Mix of Metals

Christmas decorating ideas for your dining room aren’t limited to traditional color schemes like red and green. Incorporate the shimmer of metallic decor by mixing in various metals like gold, silver, and bronze. Metallic candle holders, dinnerware, and glassware are a few basic dining room essentials to try. In combination with glowing candles, your metallic accents will look dazzling.

From magical tabletop trees to adorable throw pillows, there are countless ways to enhance your home for the holiday season. For more ideas on how to transform your space for Christmas, read how to Feng Shui your home for the holidays.

When you walk into a home, the flooring is one of the first interior design elements to grab your attention. From terrazzo flooring in the 1970’s to mid-tone hardwood used today, it’s clear that flooring trends come and go just like many other facets of interior design. 

Whether you’re planning for a future home renovation or simply have a passion for interior design, stay up-to-date on the most popular 2021 flooring trends that are taking the country by storm.

2021 Flooring Trends

1. Hardwood Continues to Dominate

Hardwood has remained at the top of the podium for decades now and continues to dominate the home flooring industry. While the demand for hardwood is soaring even after all these years, it’s important to know that there are certain elements that distinguish outdated hardwood flooring from its modern counterparts.

To truly follow today’s hardwood flooring trends, you need to focus on color and style. Many designers are pushing modern flooring ideas that include cool and desaturated tones (dark browns, grays, white washes, light browns). On the flip side, some warmer tones are also trending as well. Medium wood in shades like honey, copper, and blonde are gaining popularity because of their light and airy feel.

Wide planks, as well as matte and satin finishes are a couple other 2021 flooring trends commonly seen with this material.

Imitation hardwood for living room flooring trend

2. Growing Demand for Imitation Hardwood

Because hardwood has a higher price tag, hardwood look-alikes have entered the spotlight. Not only do imitation hardwoods look like the real deal, they cost much less and can be easier to maintain.

Tile planks and engineered vinyl planks are the two standouts for this living room flooring trend. Both of these materials are water-proof which make them great for not just the living room, but other areas that may have moisture like the bathroom and kitchen.

Depending on how real you want your imitation hardwood to look, you can choose options that have embossed grainy textures and distressed styles.

3. Push for Environmentally-Friendly Materials

As with cars, clothes, and food products, there is a major push for environmentally-friendly flooring alternatives in today’s society. Green flooring is hot on the market and a great option if you’re committed to reducing your impact on the environment.

Wood flooring certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), non-toxic cork, bamboo, linoleum, and reclaimed wood are a few types of green flooring to consider. 

Carpet as living room flooring trend

4. Carpet Remains Sought After

Carpet is hands-down a winner for 2021 flooring trends. Accounting for more than 60 percent of retail flooring sales, it seems that carpet will always be a must-have in homes. It offers the softness and warming effect that makes your space feel comfortable and relaxing rather than cold and sterile.

Current carpet trends are favoring flecks of color, more texture, and some pattern. This combination of elements is advantageous in more ways than one. They bring more fashion appeal to your floor, while adding dimension that minimizes the appearance of imperfections.

5. Unique Shapes are In

While you can never go wrong with rectangular subway tile, the most popular flooring trends in new homes are heading in a different direction. Designers are going crazy for unique shapes that bring a fresh and interesting look to interiors. Quirky geometrics and organic shapes, for example, are a good place to start. 

One pro tip to keep in mind when deciding on a striking tile shape is your grout color. If you want your design to pop, choose a grout color with lots of contrast.

6. Designers Love Laid Patterns with Tile

If you want your home’s flooring to stand out among the rest, pattern tile is the way to go. What usually comes to mind when you think of pattern tile, is tile with a pattern on it. For this particular modern flooring idea, drop that notion.

Today’s pattern tile trend is created strictly by the way that the tile is laid out. For example, you can create a striped pattern with black and white penny tiles by simply laying them out in that fashion.

Southern Motion living room

How to Best Complement Flooring with Furniture

Contrast is Key

In order to maximize the overall look and feel of your home’s flooring, you need to be strategic with the color of your furniture. The safest way to achieve this is by choosing contrasting colors. For example, if your flooring is light, opt for darker furniture pieces. Alternatively, dark flooring looks good with lighter furnishings.

Creating contrast within your space will not only prevent your room from looking monotonous, it will also help give smaller furniture pieces the chance to shine.

Consider Undertones

For hardwood or hardwood look alike flooring, it’s helpful to identify undertones to guide you in furniture color choice. Every real or faux wood flooring option has warm, cool, or neutral undertones that define the space. Here are a few of the most common undertones:

Warm Undertones: Yellow, orange, red

Cool Undertones: Various shades of gray

Neutral Undertones: Both warm and cool shades, or lack of undertone altogether

Once you identify the undertones in your flooring, you can choose sofas, tables, and other furnishings that match in color.

Vary Your Materials

To add more texture and dimension to your space, be sure to choose furniture that varies in material. For example, decor pieces made of woven fabrics, leather, metal, or concrete pair beautifully with hardwood flooring. Including furniture that differs from your flooring material will break up the room and give it a well-balanced look.

There are plenty of modern flooring ideas to choose from, so now it’s up to you to decide which one best fits your style preferences! After you’ve figured out which 2021 flooring trend is meant for you, start thinking about furniture to match by checking out Southern Motion’s reclining furniture collections.

It’s time to pack away your bright summer decor and prepare your home for the upcoming fall season. Transform your space from a beachy oasis to a cozy autumn retreat with these fall decor ideas for your living room!

Copper Blooms

Copper isn’t just meant for Moscow Mule mugs, it’s actually a popular fall home decor idea. Head to your local crafts store and pick up a few copper pails to create a gorgeous autumn arrangement. Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, and Pansies are a few vibrant flowers that are sure to bring your copper bloom to life!

Plaid Patterns

Autumn and plaid go together like peanut butter and jelly. Embrace this rustic, farmhouse-style fabric by infusing it throughout your living room. From throw pillows and blankets to drapery and furniture upholstery, there are many ways you can add pops of plaid into your decor. 

One pro tip to keep in mind is color. Stay consistent with your home’s overall color scheme and try to find plaid decor that complement each other.

Festive Ottoman Tray

Not all fall home decor ideas need to be bold and dramatic. Turn your attention toward your ottoman tray for a subtle touch of autumn. You can simply infuse rustic colors with everyday decor items like books and candles, or take a more obvious approach with pumpkins and other fall motifs.

Fall decor idea for living room

Autumn Mantel

As with other holidays and special occasions, the fireplace mantel is a go-to spot to display fall decor ideas for your living room. There are lots of different ways to go about decorating your mantel, but there are a handful of classic items you won’t want to forget.

The most iconic motif of fall is what you want most of all—pumpkins. Gather a handful of faux or fresh pumpkins (different sizes are best) and arrange them along your mantel shelf. A rustic fall sign, seasonal candles, and autumnal plants will tie together the vignette perfectly.

Spooky Fireplace

As you brainstorm fall decor ideas for your living room, decide what kind of vibe you’re going for. Do you want to focus on the fall season, Halloween, or a mixture of both? For a Halloween-inspired living room, transform your fireplace into a spooky focal point. Faux cobwebs, spiders, skulls, and books with black covers are a few easy decor items that will make your fireplace hauntingly festive.

Pops of Pumpkin

Put your living room bookcase and shelving to good use with this fall home decor idea! Gather together some faux pumpkins of various sizes and tuck them among other accessories in your shelving. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even spray paint the pumpkins to look more chic or traditional. All-white pumpkins, for example, will make your collection look more modern versus the traditional orange pumpkin.

Fall home decor idea

Fall Letter Board

As the seasons change, so should your letter board quotes! From cute fall puns to funny Halloween sayings, there’s plenty of inspiration for your fall letter board. Here are some of the top letter board ideas you should try:

  • Pumpkin spice & everything nice
  • Leaves are falling & coffee is calling
  • Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about
  • Trick or treat yo’ self
  • Ghouls just want to have fun
  • If you got it, haunt it

Rich Fabrics

A simple way to transition your living room from summer to fall is by switching out your fabrics. Rather than using lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton, warm up your space with rich textiles. Velvet pillows, tartan throws, and flannel blankets will not only keep you cozy during the cold weather, they’ll also reflect the decor trends of the season. 

Seasonal Color Palettes

While cozy fall decorating ideas like scarecrows and pumpkins are cute as can be, don’t underestimate the power of a seasonal color palette. Everyday accessories like your area rug, wall art, throws, and pillows can be swapped out to include beautiful fall shades. You can even paint your living room walls if you feel like having a more long-term change. 

Whether you stick to a seasonal color palette alone or accessorize with festive decor, you’re going to love the finished product! Get inspiration for your color scheme with these popular shades:

  • Mustard
  • Burnt orange
  • Wheat
  • Olive
  • Emerald green
  • Caramel
  • Red

After you complete your living room makeover with these fall home decor ideas, have fun creating these 15 enchanting Halloween crafts for adults!

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Whether you’re decorating the house for your grandchildren or a costume party, it’s always fun to embrace the spooky season. From creepy crawlers to ghastly ghosts, these Halloween crafts for adults are sure to make your home the most haunted one on the block!

1. Spider Web Plant Hanger

What’s better than using decor you already have to create affordable Halloween decorations? If you’re a plant lover and just so happen to have plant hangers around your house, give them a creepy crawly upgrade by attaching faux spiders all over the hanger (macrame hangers work best). 

2. Frightening Feather Wreath

Sit down to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, as you craft up this Halloween decor piece. This Halloween project for adults takes a dark twist on home decor wreaths with its black grapevine twigs, feathers, and faux crow. Be careful walking down the hallway past sundown because this feathery wreath is sure to give you a fright in the dead of night!

DIY Halloween room decor

3. Ghastly Paper Ghosts

While paper honeycomb decorations are most commonly used for festive birthday parties and happy holidays, they make for the most ghastly ghost decor too. After you’ve bought your all-white honeycombs, summon them from the grave by drawing on ghostly faces with black Sharpie. Hang them on your front porch or in your entryway to welcome guests.

4. Spooky Silhouettes

Transform your home into a haunted house with spooky silhouettes. To save space and money, simply remove your current photos from their frames and replace them with cut-out silhouettes of Halloween’s spookiest spirits like Frankenstein, the Grim Reaper, and wicked witches. You can also take a more realistic approach with silhouettes of men and women from centuries gone by.

5. Eerie Gallery Wall

Ask the whole family to participate in this DIY Halloween room decor idea! Get the project started by staging an eerie photoshoot to create black and white portraits that will send chills down your spine. Once you have your photos printed, fight every urge to hang them properly because the goal is to curate a disheveled gallery wall with frames touched by spirits!

Carved pumpkins for Halloween

6. Fiery Pumpkins

Get creative with your pumpkin decor by adding a little heat! Carve flickering flames into real or faux pumpkins, light them up with battery-powered candles, and stack them inside your fireplace for a glowing surprise. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can arrange them in many other spots like your porch, staircase, or entryway.

7. Webbed Windows

Spider webs are a must when it comes to affordable Halloween decorations, so why not use them on your windows? Take your spooky webs to the next level by adding in bats and spiders too. You can even create frightening shadows by placing candelabras with white tapers on either side of your window frame.

8. Crawling Candles

This Halloween project for adults is as creepy as it is crawly. All you need is mini pumpkins, tea lights, and black pipe cleaners to bring your candles to life. You certainly won’t find this kind of decor in stores, so grab your supplies and get started!

9. Ghostly Lawn Decor

Is it ghosts or just your imagination? Play around with optical illusions this Halloween with ghostly lawn decor. Chicken wire, gauzy cheese cloth, liquid fabric starch, and battery-operated fluorescent lights are all you need to make the spirits rise from their graves!

Halloween skull and pumpkins

10. Blooming Skull Centerpiece

Take an ordinary skull and turn it into an unearthly centerpiece with this DIY Halloween room decor idea. All you need is a faux skull, real or faux flowers, and a cup to hold your arrangement. Place it on your dining room table and your guests will certainly be enchanted by the sight!

11. Pumpkin Stack

Give your pumpkins some extra pizazz by creating a Jack-O’-Totem this season! The biggest supplies you’ll need are three or four faux pumpkins, basic craft items, and a creative vision for your pumpkin faces.

12. Haunted Antique Mirror

Beware of the ghost’s reflection when you try this Halloween craft for adults! Give the illusion of a haunted antique mirror with some black spray paint, acetone, and fire. This project does require some protective gear, so follow the steps properly and be safe.

Potion bottles for Halloween decor

13. Magic Potion Bottles

Want an easy way to incorporate your recycled bottles into your DIY Halloween room decor? Spray paint your bottles matte black, add a handwritten label, and display your mysterious potions on your bar cart or kitchen countertop. 

14. Black Magic Frame

You can’t go wrong with vintage frames for your Halloween decor. Rather than pay an arm and a leg for a brand new piece, get crafty and make your very own black magic frame right at home. Spray paint a vintage frame black, add Halloween-inspired calligraphy art, print out some spooky images, and put it all together for a unique Halloween decoration.

15. Batty Staircase

The staircase is a perfect place to display all of the horribly terrific decorations you make this season. If you need some inspiration, try recreating this Halloween craft for adults that weaves flying bats up your staircase banister.

After you’ve had a day full of spooktacular crafting, enjoy your creepy decor and follow these 6 tips for the best DIY movie night!

Besides the obvious perk of additional seating, accent chairs provide the perfect opportunity to add more style, color, and personality to your home. While accent chairs are a beautiful addition to any space, there are various factors that you must consider as you shop around. From the size of the chair to its upholstery materials, learn how to choose an accent chair that complements your space. 

Match Your Interior Design Style

With so many different types of accent chairs to choose from, it’s important to keep in mind one of the most basic characteristics of furniture—their interior design style. Take a walk around your house and decide which interior design category your space falls into. Once you’ve figured that out, narrow down your search to accent chairs that complement your particular style. 

Be Smart With Placement

Furniture placement is key when learning how to choose an accent chair. Will your chair be situated in the bedroom for occasional reading or in the living room for additional seating? Depending on where you place your chair, the ideal style and type may change. Take into account size, shape, and seat height that complements the placement of your chair and how it will be used.

Living room accent chair idea

Pick Complementary Colors

As you might have guessed, color plays a huge role in choosing the best type of accent chair. You can be spot on with functionality and style, but the wrong color can create quite the design faux pas. The best accent chairs follow your home’s overall color palette, picking up on accent colors and primary colors.

As you shop online or in the store, it’s a smart idea to search for chairs that come in a wide range of colors that can fit your specific color scheme.

Make Sure You Measure

There’s nothing worse than going through the process of buying a new accent chair just to discover that it’s not a good fit in your home. Save yourself the hassle of returning a perfectly good piece of furniture by measuring first.

Interior designers recommend measuring the room’s existing furniture, paying close attention to seat height and seat backs. Use these numbers as reference when you look at different types of accent chairs. The goal is to have your new furniture relatively match in both size and scale. 

Think About Function

Just as you want to consider placement when choosing accent chairs, you also want to think about the purpose or function. In other words, how is your chair going to be used (if at all)? Figuring out the purpose of your chair helps you rule out hundreds of options that won’t work.

If you want additional guest seating for holiday parties and game nights, you should focus on living room accent chair ideas with comfortable features like armrests and soft back cushions. 

Alternatively, a statement chair in the entryway has more wiggle room to showcase striking features like straight backs and wooden armrests.

Southern Motion’s Sophie recliner

Consider Recliner Chairs

Is comfort and function your main priority when it comes to choosing an accent chair? With multiple features and designs that fit all style preferences, recliner chairs are definitely worth considering. 

Southern Motion’s Soho accent chair is a beautiful addition to a farmhouse-style home with its plaid upholstery and classic block legs, while Key Largo’s dark and sophisticated design looks stunning in modern spaces.

Materials, Materials, Materials

If you aren’t sure what material works best for your new accent chair, shift your focus away from aesthetics and focus on practicality. Here a few questions that will shed light on which fabric and material is best for your furniture:

  • Will the chair be used for light use or heavy use?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have young children?

For chairs in low traffic areas with very little use, your material options are practically endless. Pick what your heart desires and run with it. However, if your accent chair will be exposed to heavy use by kids and pets, durability is the name of the game. Natural and synthetic leather, for example, is better suited for everyday wear and tear.

Once you know how to choose an accent chair for your home, the real fun begins! Start your search by browsing Southern Motion’s large collection of accent chairs that come in hundreds of colors and fabrics.