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Get the Look! Steal These Celebrity Home Decor Ideas

Designing your home like a Hollywood star doesn’t have to break the bank. Create a home interior fit for the big screen with these Southern Motion look-alike furniture pieces.

Celebrity Style Icons

There are countless celebrities with luxury home decoration ideas, so it can be overwhelming to decide which style is best for you. Luckily, we have a list of celebs from sports to music and acting whose unique interior design styles cover a wide range of trends. Start getting inspiration for your home decor makeover by taking a look at these celebrity style icons, their home interior design ideas, and the Southern Motion look-alike furniture pieces that match perfectly.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Singer-songwriter John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen are a power couple America absolutely loves. It’s only fitting that these two celebrity style icons have an LA home to die for. If modern interior design is your thing, this couple’s luxury home decoration ideas are the perfect inspiration for you. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sleek design, and extensive wood cabinetry, their space screams contemporary. Just as you think the whole house is completely modern, they incorporate a dark brown leather recliner and cream-colored sofa that add just the right amount of comfort and warmth. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have a family of their own, so it goes without saying that their home interior design ideas are family-friendly. However, the overall contemporary theme may be better suited for young couples looking to entertain or older couples without young kids. Southern Motion’s Saturn Recliner is a simple addition to your home that closely resembles the decor found in this celebrity couple’s home. The fact that this is a zero gravity recliner will give your home a unique modern touch.

Sheryl Crow and Southern Motion’s Wow Factor Sofa

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow’s home in Nashville, Tennessee is a southern-style oasis. From wood floors and walls to leather couches and chairs, this celebrity style icon has home interior design ideas as beautiful as her hit songs. Because her home is in the heart of Tennessee where temperatures can get high, these luxury home decoration ideas are best suited for warmer climates.

If you’re looking for an inviting and cozy interior that makes your house feel like a home, Crow’s style is a good choice for you. She uses brown, tan, and white as a common theme throughout each room. You can start to recreate Crow’s rustic dream house by bringing in Southern Motion’s Wow Factor Sofa. The plush materials and earth tone creates the comfortable country theme seen in Crow’s home.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll definitely recognize this celebrity style icon. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Hollywood 

Hills home follows the minimalist and modern Scandinavian design trend. With white walls, black accents, and light wood, his home interior design ideas create an airy, relaxed atmosphere. The light colors and modern touches make Coster-Waldau’s home decor a great addition for couples or families with older kids.

Going along with the rest of the house, most of the furniture is light in color and made of soft, cozy fabrics. Southern Motion’s Metro Motion Sectional fits comfortably within this celebrity’s style because of its warm tones and woven fabric.

John Mellencamp and Southern Motion’s Essex Sofa

John Mellencamp

The 1980s music scene wouldn’t have been the same without John Mellencamp and his famous songs “Hurts So Good” and “Jack and Diane.” This celebrity style icon killed it on stage and is now killing it with his home interior design ideas. Mellencamp’s industrial-style studio in New York’s SoHo area is an artist’s fantasy home. Exposed brick, dark hues, steel furnishings, and leather couches mix together to create a moody theme fit for singles and sophisticated couples. 

Rich woods and darker brown tones can be seen throughout the loft, making Southern Motion’s Essex Motion Sofa a fitting look alike for your home. The dark brown leather of this Next Level Collection encapsulates the lavish, SoHo atmosphere of Mellencamp’s New York studio and easily resembles his brown leather couch.

Shonda Rhimes

Best known as executive producer of the medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy,” Shonda Rhimes also doubles as a celebrity style icon. If you’re wanting to recreate a LA celebrity home with a 1920s vintage theme, Rhimes is your girl. She takes luxury home decoration ideas to a whole new level with her vibrant hues, marble floors, chandeliers, dark wooden tables, and oriental area rugs. 

Although her home looks as extravagant as you can possibly get, she makes sure her furnishings are family-friendly. Fabrics are easily cleaned and tables don’t get water stained. This is exactly why her home interior design ideas can work for families, singles, and couples alike.

Bring a touch of 1920s design to your home with Southern Motion’s Key Largo Sofa. It embodies the style of Rhimes’ living room decor thanks to its classic roll arms. While this piece may look stationary, it actually reclines and is available in the Smart Solutions fabrics. This makes it a stylish yet functional piece of furniture.

Tom Brady and Southern Motion’s Prestige Accent Chair

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen

There’s no doubt you’ll score a touchdown with Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s luxury home decoration ideas because their LA mansion is something you only see in movies. Even though the home’s exterior paints a picture of grandeur and opulence, the interior is eco-conscious and simple throughout. With neutral colors inspired by building materials and furnishings made with natural materials like old leather and Belgian linen, there are occasional accents of blue and green to bring in some color.

The warm tones, soft fabrics, and simplicity of this home’s interior design ideas make it ideal for entertaining guests. Whether it be a BBQ or Superbowl party, everyone is sure to feel relaxed. Southern Motion’s Prestige Accent Chair has all the elements that this celebrity couple uses within their home.

Ellen Pompeo

Another Grey’s Anatomy star who has marked herself as a celebrity style icon is Ellen Pompeo. Her vacation house in the Hamptons is a “modern barn” as she calls it. The home has a black and white theme, with alternating colors on the walls. A mixture of dark, woven furniture and light wooden furnishings give the space a modern feel and bring contrast to each room. There’s the subtle color accents (teal, mustard, pink) in her bedding, chairs, and flower decor pieces. The occasional brown leather chair brings a rustic undertone to the home as well. 

Pompeo’s home is clean and simple which makes it versatile for any person or event. You can host a brunch, invite over family friends with children, or enjoy a night full of cocktails because these home interior design ideas are both beautiful and practical.

Southern Motion’s West End Sofa from the Elevate Collection is the ultimate look-alike option because of its rich color and soft fabric options. Not only is it modern, it’s also comfortable. This combination is just what Pompeo achieves in her Hampton’s home.

Now that you have look-alike furniture options, you can start your interior design makeover so your home looks like it belongs in the Hollywood hills! For more furniture ideas, discover the best recliner for your lifestyle.

Eco-friendly interior design aims to reduce the effects of harmful living by improving indoor air quality. It also helps to minimize the impact that our home purchases have on the environment. As a result, sustainability, energy-efficiency, and inclusion of all-natural materials are just a few themes you see throughout eco-friendly interior design. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that most Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where the concentrations of pollutants from our home decor are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.

Eco-friendly interior design can help us reduce our carbon footprint, but this movement doesn’t only benefit the planet. A green interior design concept can also boost your health and well-being, and it’s easy to get started! Read on to learn more about eco-friendly interior design and tips on how you can incorporate them into your home.

5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

1. Shop Green

With eco-friendly interior design on the rise, there are plenty of options for safe and sustainable products. When you shop for new furniture, make a concentrated effort to research each piece before you purchase it. Any sustainable interior designer will source pieces from trusted vendors.

Another aspect of eco-friendly interior design is purchasing furniture that’s guaranteed to last for years. Choose pieces made from solid wood like oak, walnut, or maple, and upholstery made from leather, wool, and cotton. These natural materials are usually more durable and less harmful to the environment. Whenever you’re unsure of which textile to purchase, check to see if it’s made out of high-quality recycled or organic materials.

Green interior design concept with plants

2. Harness Plant Power

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to foster eco-friendly interior design is by bringing plants into your home. Plants offer an attractive touch to any room in your house and they help to purify and filter your air by producing oxygen. This reduces the polluting effects of any harmful material in your home that you may or may not be aware of. 

By including plants in your environmentally-friendly interior design, you’ll be in line with one of the hottest trends in decor. You’ll also have the chance to develop a healthy new hobby. No matter whether you have a green thumb or not, you can find the perfect plant for your home and take pride in looking after it. Take our quiz to learn which plant would be ideal for your lifestyle!

3. Try Smart Landscaping

Although it may seem contrary to the name, eco-friendly interior design focuses on the outside of your home as well. Landscaping is a huge factor when it comes to being sustainable, so one tip to follow is creating a yard that is water-conserving. Don’t let the term “water-conserving” scare you because it’s not as limiting as it may sound. There are a bunch of different approaches you can take to make it happen.

Choosing drought-tolerant plants is a great place to start. Beard Tongue, Aloe, Fountain Grass, and Pride of Madeira are just a few hardy plants that can withstand little water. In addition to plants, you can set up a drip irrigation system, reuse greywater, and reduce your lawn as much as possible. If you live in the right kind of climate, a desert-themed landscape is one of the trendiest and eco-friendliest designs right now.

Eco-friendly interior design with water-wise landscaping

4. Use Water-Based Paint

Many paints contain VOCs that evaporate at room temperature. These chemicals have been tied to health problems like headaches, throat irritation, nervous system disturbances, and even cancer. Luckily, you can include water-based paint into your eco-friendly interior design to lessen your exposure to these harmful chemicals. 

Look for eco-friendly paints by reading the product labels. “Low VOC” or “low odor” lets you know that the paint is water-based and safer for you and the environment. Keep this tip in mind for other household products like furniture, wood, carpets, cleaning products, and air fresheners that are known to have VOCs, too.

5. Incorporate Efficient Lighting

Depending on what stage of design you’re in, there are multiple routes to take in order to create a space with efficient lighting. Natural light and LED light are the two main areas you should focus on.

Natural Lighting

If you’re designing your home from scratch, it’s a great idea to have your living room and kitchen face north where they will get the most exposure to natural light. If you’re past the point of construction, some easier fixes include installing energy-efficient windows and doors that reduce air leakage and provide secure insulation. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of your curtains as well. Trap in heat and warmth during the winter by keeping your curtains open during the day to let in natural light. Once night hits, close the curtains to conserve that heat. Follow the opposite method during summer to keep cool. This eco-friendly interior design tip is perfect for conserving energy and lowering your utility costs.

Natural light in eco-friendly interior design

LED Lighting

While natural light is a simple and free way to brighten up your home and save energy, it can only get you so far once the sun goes down. 

Say goodbye to incandescent light bulbs and hello to LEDs. LED lighting is the most popular energy-efficient light source on the market and for good reason. These lights don’t contain mercury vapour and they last approximately 100,000 hours. To make it even better, LED lights use 90% less energy than other light bulbs. They are slightly more costly, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investment.

The first step to becoming sustainable and energy-efficient is by utilizing eco-friendly interior design. Whether you start small with energy-efficient light bulbs or go big with furniture purchases and landscape design, you are helping the planet and yourself! For more eco-friendly inspiration, take a look at 7 ways to freshen up your home with plant decor.

Making your house a home means customizing your interior to your style preferences. From a rustic feel to transitional vibes, the sofas and loveseats available through Southern Motion‘s Next Level collection can emphasize your favorite design style.

Next Level reclining sofas and chairs can help you create your ideal interior design style. They can also provide a unique relaxation experience. Each of the sofas, loveseats, and recliners in this collection allow you to optimize your circulation and reduce the pressure on your neck, back, and legs. They also provide three inches of extra length in full recline, ensuring infinite comfort every time.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how these versatile Southern Motion furniture groups can be paired with different interior design styles. No matter your style, you can take your interior to the next level of comfort and sophistication with Southern Motion.

Southern Motion Next Level Collection

Southern Motion Next Level Recliners, Sofas, and Loveseats

Wow Factor

If you appreciate the coziness of a rustic decor, look no further than the Wow Factor. With soft contemporary lines, this Southern Motion sofa blends seamlessly with warm colors and natural details. You can also choose from any color or fabric, including leather, to get your ideal look. Relax into the quilted back panels and extra layer of seat padding. You can also add power recline and power-adjustable headrest features to help you unwind.

Top Gun

A traditional interior calls for classic design. Southern Motion’s Top Gun offers oversized cushions, polyfoam arm pads, and intricate stitching for years of relaxation. You can even add power recline and power-adjustable headrest options for extra comfort. There are hundreds of fabrics and leather options to choose from, so you can make sure your sofas and loveseats complement your living room. 


The Essex bridges the gap between comfort and style. Thanks to its oversized back cushions and quilted channels, you can enjoy incredible support as well as a sleek look. These Southern Motion sofas and loveseats come in a variety of different covers to pair with urban modern details. You can also add power recline, power adjustable headrest, and SoCozi massage systems to create a truly modern living room addition.


If you have a minimalist interior design, your sofas and loveseats should make a statement. The Showstopper has everything you need. This customizable Southern Motion collection can be configured to fit any space and is available with power recline, power-adjustable headrest, and SoCozi air massage systems. The soft bustle backs and sculpted arms help ensure the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Grid Iron

Are you looking for a unique group of sofas and loveseats? Inspired by automotive influences, the Grid Iron works well with a transitional decor. The sectioned back creates statement lines and luxurious comfort by allowing you to sink into rich cushioning. These Southern Motion recliners are also available with power recline and power adjustable options.


A farmhouse chic interior needs furniture that combines coziness with refinement. Southern Motion’s Metro checks both of these boxes with its comfortable tailored boxed back, crisp lines, and sophisticated arm treatment. The side profiles of these sofas and loveseats are ideal for open concept living, helping you bring a welcoming feel to a spacious living area.  

Choosing sofas and loveseats that will stand the test of time is not easy. You need to balance high-quality comfort with your personal needs and style. Southern Motion’s Next Level collection makes all this possible. Take a look at the living room groups here.

Plants can breathe life into any indoor environment, but it can be hard to know where to start with a new plant decor. Luckily, you don’t need a green thumb to take advantage of this fresh trend. With suggestions and tips on how to arrange indoor plants, this list will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your entire home.  

7 Plant Decor Ideas

1. Eclectic Plant Pots

No matter whether you’re bringing artificial plants or fresh flowers into your home, you’ll need vases and pots. While it might be tempting to buy containers that match the existing style of your rooms, modern plant decor works best with a more eclectic approach. Use a variety of pot sizes, colors, and textures to show off each of your unique plants. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can recycle canisters, bottles, and glasses for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Macrame Plant Hanger With Small Plant

2. Macrame Plant Hangers

If there’s one plant decor trend that keeps going strong, it’s macrame plant hangers. These devices don’t just display your plants, they also bring together your whole living space by working your ceiling into your decor. Ideal for bohemian-chic interiors, cozy corners, and large window spaces, macrame plant hangers are easy to buy and craft. One of our favorite plant decor ideas is to create clusters of hangers in different lengths, colors, and styles. 

3. Potted Plants as Bookends

When you’re new to plant decor, it can be tricky to decide how to arrange indoor plants without making them look cluttered. Instead of moving all your belongings around to make space for your plants, why not incorporate them into your existing setup? Using potted plants as bookends on your mantle, shelves, and window sills is a fun yet subtle way to add plant decor to your living room

Four Herb Plants on Window Sill

4. Indoor Herb Garden

The kitchen is a great place to try out your favorite plant decor ideas. This design trend lends itself to food preparation, especially in the form of an indoor herb garden. Decide which herbs you use most frequently in your meals and buy a whole herb plant instead of just the sprigs or dried versions. Basil, thyme, chives, parsley, and dill are just some of the herbs you can consider and they’re all easy to look after. Once you’ve chosen your herb plants, you can set them on your kitchen window sill, on your counter, or even add a planter to your wall. These plants look appealing, add extra freshness to your food, and save you a few dollars every week!

5. Bathroom Jungle

Revamping your bathroom can be a time and money-consuming home renovation project. Fortunately, there are a few plant decor ideas that can instantly upgrade the ambiance. Use hanging plants above your bathroom window to create some privacy, while ensuring that your plants get all the sunlight they need. Boston ferns are a perfect choice, as they love heat and can help purify the air. If you have a smaller bathroom, add air plants to any available space. These cute plants can almost get by with just the humidity in the room, which makes them very low maintenance.

Living Room With Plant Wallpaper

6. Plant-Themed Wall Murals

Let’s be honest, not everyone can or wants to take care of live plants. The good news is you can still get on board with plant decor without doing any gardening. In addition to artificial plants and flowers, wall murals are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Inject a pop of color with green, leafy designs or go for something more complex with a floral-pattern print. If you have a real affinity for plant decor, you can even go a step further and create an accent wall with plant-themed wallpaper.

7. Fresh-Cut Flowers and Fronds

Just like wall murals, fresh-cut flowers and fronds require minimal effort but can really pack a punch as part of your plant decor. All you need to do is choose your favorite vases and cuttings. Although you need to switch out these blooms more often, this gives you the opportunity to tweak your decor according to your mood and the season. It’s a fun and cheap way to keep updating your interior design.

Give your entire home a fresh look with plant decor in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s an easy and attractive look that doesn’t have to involve any extra maintenance. If you’re still trying to find the right interior design style for your home, take our helpful quiz!

As we cuddle up during the winter months, our fireplaces not only come in handy for keeping us nice and toasty, they also take center stage as one of the focal points of our homes. Now that the holidays are over, take your festive decor down and jump-start your 2020 home decor with these modern fireplace decorating ideas.

1. Alive with Art

A super quick and easy way to style your fireplace is to add a few art pieces on top of the mantle. Grab your favorite pieces, such as a framed painting or even a small sculpture, to brighten up the room and the transformation is done!

Fireplace mantle with plant decor

2. Fresh and Green

While plants and a fireplace may not be the most obvious decor pairing, they go together like two peas in a pod. Plant decor is super trendy right now, so framing your fireplace with plants leaves you with a cutting edge look. You can cluster potted plants of different sizes on the floor of the fireplace or on the mantle (the latter might be best if you have pets). If you don’t use the fireplace, consider placing plants inside the hearth as well. Don’t shy away from fake plants if you want low-maintenance decor that gives the same effect. Note: If you choose to decorate with live plants, research their care tips to make sure they will be able to survive in this setting.

3. Black and White

The harsh contrast of black and white is another decor trend we’re seeing this year. You can incorporate this modern fireplace decorating idea quickly and cheaply if that’s what your goal is. For those that have a low budget, you can purchase any white and black decor pieces (art, mirrors, pottery, candles) and create a contrast by placing them above and below the mantle. If you have a higher budget, painting, tiling, and adding wallpaper are more intense options to consider. For example, you can tile your fireplace with black tile and paint the background wall white.

Pottery collection above fireplace

4. Display a Collection

If you like to collect things, put them to use for this modern fireplace decorating idea. Whether it’s pottery or antiques, utilize your mantle to showcase your collection in a place where everyone can enjoy it!

5. Big and Bright

Mirrors are a bold statement piece and 2020’s motto is “go big or go home.” Modernize your fireplace by placing an oversized mirror above the mantle. This is also a great trick for brightening up your room because mirrors reflect natural light.

Scandinavian-style fireplace

6. Scandinavian Style

Keep your modern fireplace decorating idea simplistic and light by following Scandinavian style. This Nordic interior design trend uses light neutral colors like gray and white, clean lines, and minimalism. Put them all together and your Scandinavian-style fireplace will transform the room into a bright and airy space.

7. Boho Meets Minimalism

Nothing says modern more than minimalism. If this is your kind of style, mix in a little Boho design and apply the magic to your fireplace. Picture a white wall, a couple candlesticks, one pottery piece, and a big modern art painting. So simple and easy!

Feminine fireplace with bright colors

8. Feminine and Fabulous

If contrasting colors and minimalism doesn’t float your boat, you can use this modern fireplace decorating idea to stay trendy. Channel the feminine and fabulous vibe by rocking these three things: gold, color, and fun patterns. For example, decorate with gold-potted plants on your mantle, brightly-colored books along shelving, and patterned tile around the hearth.

9. Higher Heights

For those of you that are looking to completely change the design of your fireplace, this modern fireplace decorating idea is made for you. Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces are totally in and they make for a pretty spectacular focal point. Big, bold, and tall is the name of the game and color is really up to you. The sheer size of a floor-to-ceiling fireplace draws attention, so staying in the neutral color range isn’t going to lessen the impact.

There you have it! Now, pick your style and start off 2020 fresh and modern with these modern fireplace decorating ideas. If you want to make big moves this year and change up your entire living room, check out how to design the perfect living room color palette!

As the seasons change, so do our lifestyle choices. We switch up our clothes, the Starbucks drinks we buy, our weekend activities, and, let’s not forget one of the biggest changes of all, our interior design. The satisfaction of having your home decor match the current season is, for some of us, an unmatched feeling. As we cozy up into winter, let’s take a look at our favorite 2019 winter interior design trends for your home.

Winter Interior Design Trends


One of the most iconic and evergreen winter interior design trends is plaid. Incorporating plaid into your winter decor allows you to transport your visitors to a cozy place in the country which is absolutely perfect for the season. While this trend has been popular for years, it has been elevated to a more modern level in 2019. This season, we’re seeing tonal plaid that consists of two colors layered to create a more geometric, crisp motif. Whether it be a cozy plaid accent or some wingback chairs, plaid is a great interior design trend if your goal is to create a down-home, cozy feel for you and your guests.

Living room with blue velvet couch


This year’s velvet interior design trend is one that’s hard to take your eyes off of. This year, dramatic colors take center stage and from chartreuse to deep navy, velvet pieces adorn living rooms and bedrooms to create a sophisticated, rich, luxurious look. In addition to the visual beauty of this material, its texture is also quite satisfying. With the temperatures starting to dip lower and lower, having cozy and plush fabric to sink into is a must. Chairs, benches, and pillows are just a few easy ways to incorporate the fabric into your home.

Living room with Scandavian interior design including soft colors and wood

Softness & Woods

In addition to velvet and plaid, one other fall trend to consider for your seasonal redecorating is softness and woods. Organic shapes, soft textures, and natural materials are especially popular this season. This Scandanavian-inspired fall trend creates a soothing, calm atmosphere in your home, which is exactly what you need for those relaxing fall nights. Check out our Key Largo or Silver Screen sofa to see a couple of great examples of furniture that follows this trendy style.

Living room showcasing dramatic neutrals with black, white, and metal furnishing

Dramatic Neutral

This winter interior design trend is one that truly encapsulates the season, reflecting the darkness of night and lightness of snow. You can incorporate this trend into your home by having a high contrast of black, white, and other neutral tones. This simple, chic, and sophisticated look draws attention to the room right away. When you style your home with this design, make sure to throw in metal accents. Including multiple textures is a must for it to be successful; adding texture ensures that the room doesn’t fall flat and instead looks beautiful and elegant.

Living room with large scale floral wallpaper

Large Scale Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t a new interior design trend, but we’re loving large scale wallpaper this winter. Whether you want a bold look with botanical prints or a more subtle solid color, freshen up your home with this winter interior design trend. If the thought of committing to wallpaper is a bit scary, there are plenty of peel-and-stick options out there for you to try. Take a look at Etsy’s selection and you’ll find beautiful pieces that make each room in your home unique.

Living room showcasing round furniture with its table and couch

Round Furniture

The last of our favorite winter interior design trends is round furniture. This is one trend that you must look into trying; it’s an easy change that can apply to a variety of decor pieces. For someone looking to start slow, consider adding a round table to your dining room or maybe a set of round armchairs to your living room. The shape makes the room feel more relaxed and comfortable, compared to the harsh lines of square and rectangular furniture. A quick online search will show the endless possibilities of round furniture that would be the perfect addition for your home this season.

If you’re looking for more insight into your interior design style and what overall look is best for you, take our interior design quiz to find out! You’ll be decorating your home like a professional in no time.


Our new Zero Gravity line of recliners are more than just well-styled pieces to add to your home. They feature some of today’s leading furniture technology to bring you the many benefits of zero-gravity relaxation. Let’s learn more about what zero gravity recliners are, the science behind them, and their many benefits.

What are Zero Gravity Recliners?

Despite the name, zero gravity recliners aren’t going to float off into space (even though zero gravity technology was designed by NASA scientists and mimics the posture of astronauts during space missions!). Zero gravity refers to the recliner’s ability to obtain the ideal weight distribution to optimize blood circulation, reduce pressure on your neck, back, and legs, and give you the perfect angle of full relaxation.

This reclined position is different than in a traditional recliner because it evenly distributes your bodyweight throughout the chair, which reduces the stress on different areas of your body.

Learn more about zero gravity recliners in the infographic below:

The Science Behind Zero Gravity Recliners

As mentioned above, zero gravity recliners were inspired by the position astronauts had to take during liftoff on space missions. During this intense and sudden increase in gravity, the astronauts needed to be in a safe position so escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull didn’t put too much stress on their bodies. The reclined “zero gravity” position allowed them to distribute the stresses of takeoff safely.

While this zero gravity position can be beneficial on its own, we have also combined our leading massage technology to further enhance this therapeutic experience. We married our Zero Gravity recliners with our leading SoCozi technology, which is a consumer favorite because of its revolutionary comfort and benefits. Our exclusive EXP™ technology was developed through a partnership with Cozzia, a leader in massage technology. This advanced system utilizes the latest in air cell design, heat therapy and lumbar support to relax the body and mind, improve health and renew energy — creating a massage experience like no other.

The Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

Zero gravity recliners are relaxing, but they also tote many other important health benefits. These include:

1. Improved Blood Circulation

One of the most obvious benefits of zero gravity recliners is that they can help improve your blood circulation. This is because when you’re elevated in the zero gravity position, your heart can easily pump blood throughout the body. When your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard, your whole body functions better.

2. Improved Lung Capacity and Function

Speaking of helping your whole body function better, another benefit of zero gravity recliners is that they can improve lung capacity and function. Not only will your lungs receive the blood that they need because of your improved blood circulation, but they will also function better because of the position itself. Your diaphragm helps your chest expand, which lets your lungs fill up with air. When you’re in a zero gravity position, your diaphragm can expand even more, meaning that your lungs can bring in more oxygen. These deep breaths are perfect for relaxation and bring more oxygen throughout the body. Deep breathing and relaxing in your zero gravity recliner can make you feel like a whole new person.

3. Reduced Joint Swelling

Improved blood circulation can also help reduce joint swelling and pain from conditions such as arthritis. According to the Northwest Float Center, which is a spa where people can float weightlessly in water, “patients in floatation chambers report significant improvement in muscle and joint pain, whether the pain is the result of injury, genetic predisposition, or is caused by stress.” A similar effect has been noted from zero gravity recliners.

4. Reduced Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, a zero gravity recliner might do you some good. Because your weight is evenly distributed, you aren’t putting as much stress on your lower back as you do when you sit in a normal chair, stand, or go about your everyday life.

5. Reduced Spinal Cord Compression

Throughout the day, we put a lot of pressure on our backs and spinal cords. Whether you’re sitting for 8 hours a day at work, slouching in your car during your daily commute, are running errands, or standing on your feet all day, our backs go through a lot. All of this can lead to spinal cord compression, which can cause pain or stiffness in the neck, numbness in the legs, hands, and arms, and other symptoms. Zero gravity recliners help relieve this compression by taking the weight off of your spine.

Some Amazing Zero Gravity Recliner Results

All of these benefits are amazing and have the potential to change lives and our Zero Gravity line already has. One of our loyal customers, Mimi, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2003. She underwent chemotherapy, which was extremely hard on her body and caused her to have peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord and can cause weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in your hands and feet. After trying her Zero Gravity recliner, this is what Mimi had to say:

I just want to tell you how much this recliner has helped me. I have only had it for two days and my ankles are not swollen and my neuropathy is so much better. The needle-like pain and tingling in my feet and the pain I was having at night with my feet has decreased and I’m sleeping so much better. The last two nights I have been able to sleep almost pain-free from both the neuropathy and edema (the abnormal accumulation of fluid in certain tissues within the body).”

This is an amazing story and things continued to get better for Mimi. She continued to email us and three weeks later, she hadn’t taken her regular pills to treat her condition. Her recliner became her “new place to sit all the time because it’s so comfortable and helpful for [her] feet.”

We are passionate about creating motion furniture that’s not only comfortable and stylish, but that makes a difference in the lives of our customers and their families. We’re excited about the future of zero gravity and can’t wait to see it help more people. Choose the best recliner for your needs by browsing through our Zero Gravity collection.

Summer is quickly coming to a close, which means it’s time to do one of our interior design trend roundups. Ring in the new school year or bid summer goodbye with these interior design refreshes that are all the rage.

Sustainable kitchen design


We’ve seen major brands, such as IKEA, West Elm, and Pottery Barn, take major steps to become more sustainable and this is important for both production and design. This summer, we saw sustainability take a front seat in reused and recycled materials, upcycled or thrifted furniture, or simple design accents that don’t require replacing as often. Plants and other organic elements are also a great way to incorporate sustainability into your interior design this summer and fall.

Raw wood dining table

Raw Materials

In continuing the sustainability trend, this summer we also saw a rise in raw materials, including unfinished woods, exposed beams and bricks and repurposed wood pallets or other rustic design elements. This raw material trend is likely because more and more interior designers are looking to do less with more and can use beautiful natural materials as the center of their design. If you don’t love the look of raw materials, simple designs can also create a similar feel.

Textured throw blanket

Beautiful Textiles

In contrast to the rise of minimalist design and colder elements this summer, one trend that complements these is the rise of beautiful textiles. We mentioned before that raw materials and recycled elements are in this summer, but cozy throw blankets, super soft accent pillows, and fluffy comforters are also in and can help segue your home into fall. This lovely tactile trend focuses on natural materials, the love of slow living, and being cozy with the ones you love. To incorporate this late-summer interior design into your home, look for blankets, pillows, and accents in neutral tones or soft patterns to complement the rough, raw, sharp design trends mentioned above.

Contrasting patterns on a couch

Experimental Patterns

Another late-summer trend that’s along the same lines as beautiful textiles is experimental patterns. For a while, most people thought of patterns as something only the quirkiest of designers incorporated. Today, we see patterns play an important role in interior design. They can liven up a space for the change of season, add a little personality into your room, and mix up your colors or themes without having to fully commit. Patterns are perfect for little accents like rugs, pillows, or even fun furniture.

Yellow wall with pink flowers

Living Coral Meets Mango Mojito

At the beginning of the year, we talked about Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, and how it will be part of 2019 interior design trends. Living Coral “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” and throughout the year, we’ve seen it incorporated in everything from wallpaper to accent chairs. While Living Coral is beautiful on its own, this summer we’ve seen it pair well with another Pantone color – Mango Mojito. Mustard-like yellows are growing in popularity and Mango Mojito “feeds our craving for pleasant comforts.” Mango Mojito also pairs well with millennial pink, teal and indigo blue, and crisp white for a clean look.

Mid-century modern living room


Mango Mojito is also a great segue into our last late-summer interior design trend: the continuation of mid-century accents. Sleek lines, tapered table legs, and an understated simplicity are the key ingredients to mid-century design. Mid-century mood boards include light creams, whites, and grays, as well as statement greens, teals, and oranges. Tarragon, Tangerine Tango, and Bluegrass are all great mid-century inspo. Our Elevate collection features some classic mid-century design accents, such as stylized mailbox arms, arm panels with nailheads, and tall, tapered block legs.

Celebrate the summer and ring in fall with these tasteful late-summer interior design trends. If your budget is looking a little tight, keep in mind these interior design hacks to get the most bang for your buck.

Minimalism doesn’t mean limiting yourself, it means loving each piece that you own. Do more with less and embrace the KonMari Method to declutter your home and find joy in simplicity. From your favorite chair to your go-to outfits, learn more about how to declutter, love the pieces you have, and invest in quality over quantity to create the perfect minimalistic home that fits your needs.

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is a tidying and organizing method developed by best-selling author Marie Kondo. This method is focused on creating a tidy environment by removing any items that no longer “spark joy” and instead create unnecessary clutter in your home. According to her site:

“The KonMari Method™ encourages tidying by category – not by location – beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.”

There are plenty of other decluttering methods that others use, but the KonMari Method is a more rigid approach that many have found success in for organizing their lives and leading to a more minimalist lifestyle.

Bright and Clean Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design Tips

While the KonMari Method focuses on decluttering by category and not space, knowing how to tackle different parts in your home can be a big help in your tidying efforts. Compartmentalizing each room and practicing the KonMari Method in each can be a great start for your lifestyle shift into tidiness. Follow these minimalist interior design tips to help clear up space in your home and live a clutter-free life!

Tip 1: Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Your living room should be a place of relaxation and gathering, so focusing on having comfortable spaces and a bright, open space is ideal. If clutter resides in your main entertaining room, it could be a sign of blocking off your true self to guests. To tidy up your living room, focus on keeping pieces that maintain a light and welcoming vibe while showing off a few select pieces that spark joy and show off your personality. Choose your favorite piece of art or some conversational coffee table books to accent simple-but-beautiful pieces of furniture that maximize both space and comfort.

Tip 2: Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Almost every kitchen has this one dreaded item: the junk drawer. Kitchens are a main hub for family life, from cooking to doing homework to feeding your pets, so it’s easy to accumulate random “junk”. When decluttering the kitchen, focus on prioritizing what you do and use most. For example, if you make more coffee than tea, store the tea kettle away until it’s needed. Take time to organize things like Tupperware and lids, as simple reorganization can free up 50% more space in your kitchen and make things easier to find. And yes, that means tackling your junk drawer! You’ll thank us later.

Tip 3: Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Having a minimalist bedroom doesn’t mean minimizing your own style or comfort, it simply means only having things in the room that promote rest and relaxation. Falling asleep in a messy room can lead to distractions that keep you from getting proper rest. Keep your personality with pops of accent colors, fun bedding, plants, art, mirrors, and rugs. As part of your bedroom, having a tidy closet is necessary as well. Remove pieces that no longer spark joy and use proper folding methods to save time finding your favorite outfits and have clothes you’ll actually wear.

Bright and Clean Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design

Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Having a tidy home doesn’t just come with the perks of finding things easily and having a clean house to show off. There are more lasting benefits of decluttering your home that make the time and effort put toward it worthwhile, such as:

  1. Better Sleep: Some studies show that hoarders, or people with too much stuff, are more likely to suffer from sleep issues and experience sleep disturbances. While hoarding is more extreme than a messy room, it’s easy to see that a tidy room can cut down on distractions or disturbances while trying to sleep and lead to a better night’s rest.
  2. Clearer Focus: This decluttering benefit all depends on the person. For most, clutter equals stress. If you are someone who is more stressed by a messy environment than inspired by it, tidying up your environment can allow your mind to focus on a project or task at hand instead of focusing on the stress of the clutter around you.
  3. Improved Air Quality: Clutter means more surfaces in your home for dust to settle on and allergens to accumulate between. By tidying up your space, you are forced to tackle the dust head-on and reduce potential spots for future accumulation. With a tidy home, you’ll spark joy with how little your allergies act up.
  4. Reduced Anxiety: Running late because you can’t find your keys? Stressed because your measuring cups are buried deep within your kitchen? Can’t find an outfit to wear in your overcrowded closet? When you declutter, you remove the anxiety of information overload and uncertainty of knowing where to find things.

Whether you use the KonMari Method to go through the ultimate living room decluttering list or simply spend 15 minutes every day to tidy up a new space, taking the time to tidy up your house has many benefits. Try to incorporate the tips above to start leading a healthier and happier life at home!

The spring and summer seasons offer the perfect time to reevaluate your interior design! As the seasons change, so do the trends and we’re here to be your source for unique interior design ideas to spice up the season. But changing the interior design of your home is no simple task. You have to develop a vision, a color scheme, furniture that matches your style and your vision, and a creative mind willing to explore the options. Let’s look at some new summertime and spring interior design trends to help get you started.

Unique Interior Design Trend #1: Mixing Masculine and Feminine

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” -Andre Putman

The days of decorating a room based on girl or boy preferences has passed and we have entered a new design era. What exactly defines design as masculine or feminine anyway? Don’t let yourself get caught up in the definitions and mechanics of interior design, but instead look at your new room as a blank canvas for exploration and opportunity. To mix masculine and feminine unique interior designs in one, decide on a primary color and accents in the opposite. Southern Motion offers a variety of accents chairs so you can portray a feminine or masculine touch with your seating.

Whether you’re decorating a room for the whole family or a space that’s all your own, it helps to keep a few tips in mind. Color is probably the first thing you think of when starting on a new interior design project. When looking at colors and shades, we tend to see dark and earthy tones as masculine and bright and pastel tones as feminine. To design a room that combines both, work off of a two-color scheme to reach a happy medium.

A few other things to keep in mind when creating a room that mixes masculine and feminine design includes:

Accessories – If the colors and furnishings in your room are too masculine, add in some feminine items to balance the mixture of the two themes.

80/20 RuleUsing the 80/20 rule can also translate to spring interior design trends. and new trends as the seasons change. If 80% of your furnishings are in unison, then you can branch out and deviate from the main theme with the other 20%.

Textures – Adding in different textures keeps the eye moving as you enter the room, rather than forcing you to focus on that one masculine or femine furnishing. This is a great way to highlight your love for unique interior design and creates a cozier vibe.

*Hint: Masculine colors are good for walls and/or furniture, whereas feminine colors are good for accents and to add interest.

Unique Interior Design Trend #2: Navy is the New Black

“Design is not just what is looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs

Even though it’s time for summer and spring interior design trends and you’re thinking of pastels and sunshine, one of the hottest design trends that isn’t going anywhere is dark, Earthy tones. This season, though, navy blue is the new black. Whether you’re looking to switch up the bedroom, the living room, or even the kitchen, color is one of the most impactful ways to change the feeling of your overall space, according to Catherine French Design, LLC.

If you’re someone who loves color, but you still enjoy a deep, dark color scheme, navy is the color for you and will keep you up-to-date with the latest interior design trends in 2019. Navy creates that calming, masculine vibe like black does, but it also adds an extra layer of warmth and depth. When using navy in your home, have a game plan before you start. Remember that navy can make a huge impact in a small way. Painting an accent wall, a door, or even purchasing a navy comforter for your bedroom is probably the best route to take. That way, you can add in brighter colors with accent pieces to make sure your room is inviting and warm.

Here are some colors that create a great companion for your navy-inspired and unique interior design room:

Windsor Pink – This dusty pink is a great way to tone down the navy drama and neutralize the space.

Yellow – Statement walls can help balance a room and this bright shade will add depth and warmth.

Pale Purple – Adding pastels can help you live in warmer seasons all year long. Not only does a pale purple create a leisurely vibe, but it also combines youth and maturity.

*Hint: Adding in white decorations and features can really help balance all the colors.

Unique Interior Design Trend #3: Biophilia in Design

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” -Joe Soprano

Kitchen interior with wood furniture, plants, and natural light

2019 has brought a variety of new and unique interior design trends. One of these trends is Biophilia, or creating a close association and interaction with forms of nature. This form of design can be achieved through stone fixtures, natural lighting, plants, and wood flooring. These natural organic designs and interior design elements can remind you of the outdoors and nature, even when you’re inside.

Going along with our natural vibe for our home design, sustainability is a key trend this season, as well. Seeking out recycled materials for your floors or furnishings from a company that uses recycled materials is a great way to be eco-friendly when sticking to summertime and spring interior design trends.

Even though we are a machine and technology driven society, there are days when many of us dream of being outside. With this interior design trend, we can bring the outdoors in. When designing your room with this style in mind, classic accents are your friend. Classic shutters, tables, and comfortable recliners give off the impression of being more environmental rather than disposable. Keep the following in mind when starting your new project:

Vegetation – Incorporating greenery is the best way to achieve this interior design style. Consider adding a plant to your window sill, in your kitchen, or even adding a moss wall to your bathroom if you’re feeling crafty.

Natural Light – Let the light shine! Even if you don’t have a lot of windows to work with in your home, there are still ways you can achieve natural light. From paint colors to backsplashes, choosing the patterns that complement natural light will help you enhance the sunshine.

Natural Furnishings – Including eco-friendly materials into your home is the ultimate way of achieving a biophilic design. Everything from wood flooring to stone end tables is a great place to start.

*Hint: Biophilic design reduces stress and prompts creativity and an improved well-being.

Unique Interior Design Trend #4: Less is More

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” -Billy Baldwin

Living room representing minimalist interior design styleSource: Home Designing

Some design trends never change, and the minimalist style is one of those trends. Not only is this interior design trend practical, but it also screams clean, confident, and modern. So what exactly does minimalist decor entail? Simplicity is key. Look for minimal furnishings, neutral color tones, and only impactful accent fixtures throughout the area. Not only do you live by the motto “less is more,” but a minimalist style embraces the concept of “everything in the room needs a place and a reason.”

If you keep up with pop culture, then you’ve probably seen the many articles about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house, and how they’ve taken minimalism to a whole new level. But when it comes to your own home, there are plenty of ways to express your minimalist style. Take these unique interior design recommendations into consideration when styling your favorite room or your entire home:

Think Quality vs. Quantity – When designing your home, approach the room with function in mind. Instead of focusing on how much room you have to fill, focus more on the quality of your purchases such as technology driven furnishings.

It’s All in the Details – With a minimalist interior design, there are normally only a few items on display. Take the time to find the perfect accent features that truly represent what you want the room to say.

*Hint: Minimalism is simple. Simple furniture, simple decor, and simple storage. Design your home with simplicity in mind, but also design it with admiration in mind.

Unique Interior Design Trends #5: Bold Backsplashes

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” -David Hicks

Modern kitchen with a bold backsplash

This interior design treat for the spring of 2019 is all about style, art, and statements. Incorporating a bold backsplash into your home, whether that’s in the kitchen or bathroom, is a great way to achieve an eye-catching home. Inserting the wow factor into your home through a bold backsplash is an easy but effective project.

Whether you’re looking for something modern and bold or your style is dainty and soft, a beautiful backsplash is a great way to achieve this. There are a variety of options such as marble, tile, a solid color, or even an intricate pattern. No matter what summer or spring interior design trends you’re going for, your kitchen will thank you once it’s done!

In addition to achieving a beautiful and unique interior design, backsplash locations in the kitchen and the bathrooms are often added to hide the possibility of water damage. Backsplashes are not only eye-catching, but they’re practical and dynamic additions to your home. Below are some of the additional benefits of including a beautiful backsplash:

A backsplash adds a personal touch to the room of your choice.

A backsplash can serve a double purpose, adding protection to the walls.

A backsplash makes cleaning easy and quick.

*Hint: Use glimmering backsplash tiles to create an optical illusion, making your small kitchen look larger.

Now that you know some of the newest interior design trends for this 2019 season, it’s time to look at your home as a blank canvas and implement these beautiful designs in a way that fits your personal style. And if you need additional inspiration, there are a variety of interior design blogs that you should start following right away!

When changing your favorite rooms to keep up with the trends, check out the chairs and sofas available at Southern Motion. At Southern Motion we have products that fit every style and trend!